Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Easy Breezy Dessert

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Back from vacation but more about it later, first let me get the dessert out of the system

This was a dessert I learned early on after coming to this country. Those days my unending quest of befriending Bong people had got me a few friends (remember this) and a larger number of acquaintances. Now as is the custom among Bong people staying in far away land, a meeting as in getting together is synonymous with eating and that too in good measures. There was so much good eating and too many acquaintances that my very shallow foodie hubby would even weed out acquaintances based on their culinary skills.

So after months of eating excellent meals at several homes, I realized it was time that I did my part before people started gossiping about “How a you-know-who girl never invited us back and blah, blah, blah…”

I did not have very many culinary skills at that point and even fewer cookware so cooking a meal for about 18-20 odd people was a challenge. In fact even now with more cookware and somewhat better skills, cooking for that many people still plays havoc on my nerves. I always look around for good recipes that can be made in large quantity with ease and not too much preparation.

This is when I came across this easy breezy Fruity Mango Dessert recipe, posted by some Bengali on a Bengali website. It is quick, easy and definitely delicious (considering all the yummy things that go into it). Many thanks to the first person who created it and also to the person, whose name I don't remeber, who posted it.
I have made this several times and have moved the ingredients around. Here I will give my version and also specify the original recipe.


Mango Dessert

What You Need

Serves about 16-18 people if paired with ice cream or cake

Mango Pulp (available in Indian Grocery stores) ~ 1 can
Plain Yogurt ~ 12 oz (Recipe said 32oz)
Sour cream ~ 8 oz (Recipe said 16 oz)
Fruit Cocktail Can ~ drain the syrup and get the fruits from a can or use fresh cut bite size pieces of fruit
Raisins & Nuts ~ for garnish (optional)
Condensed Milk ~ 3/4th of a 14 oz can (Recipe used sugar)

How I Did It

In a blender whip together mango pulp, sour cream and yogurt to a smooth consistency.
Add condensed milk and whip again.
Drain all the juices from the fruit cocktail and add to the whipped dessert
Garnish with raisins and nuts.
Put it in the refrigerator to cool. Serve chilled.

Serving Suggestion

Though it tastes absolutely great if had on its own, I often serve it with Plain Vanilla ice cream if it is summer. Else I also serve with some home baked cake as seen in the pic.

Today is my 3 and ½ year old daughter's first day at Pre-K, it is not official school yet, it is still a pre-school. But I find it an important date in my calendar, as it is the start of a new class with new teacher and new faces for her. Thanks to her PreSchool-1 teachers, Miss A and another Miss A. We will miss you. But we also look forward to the new beginnings, the slightly more responsibility, more independence in the new class and of course loads of fun.

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  1. Good Lord! This recipe is also prepared by my SIL and it is so yummy...I eat bowls of it and then cry hoarse about the calories :) Hope you had a great time in the vacation.

  2. There are these simple desserts which come about in families...just putting together some readily available stuff and you have a yummy delight...your dessert is one such great idea! Many good wishes to you and your daughter for happy school days!

    Will go and check out the surprise for me now.

  3. Yum! I love fruit dessert like this! :D

  4. Sandeepa...I make this one....Oh ya....It tastes great dear....quick to assemble dessert ;-)

  5. Sandeepa, welcome back! We missed you. Although I haven't ventured into sweets territory yet (I have very fussy taste and so would rather pop into a bakery, and Anando avoids sweets) I may just try this! Specially since Anando loves mangoes with a passion!

  6. good luck to your daughter :)

    nice recipe, i especially like the title :)

  7. Welcome back Sandeepa! Cooking for a crowd plays havoc on my nerves too :) The Bong gathering reminded me of Namesake :) The dessert - please send me some with icecream and cake, no compromise there! :D Good luck to you and lil S with the new school year!

  8. Best wishes to lil' S for her school :). This is a perfect recipe for any occassion, Sandeepa. Mangoes rule :).And with all the other fruits, this one would be really yummy!

  9. All the best to your little one..
    The dessert is as cute as her!!
    I too made the mango icecream with a little variations to this!!This dessert seems to be easier and yummier!

  10. Your write up reminds me of the book "The Namesake". :)

    The dessert seems like a breeze though I would love to experiemnt with another fruit. :)

    Good luck to dear S :)

  11. sounds and looks lovely. Wish the little one on my behalf. :-)

  12. That's one easy breezy dessert indeed...wishes and hugs are sent to little S.

  13. Sounds delicious Sandeepa... and good luck to that big girl on first day of new school :):)

  14. Good luck to little S! I feel full just looking at the dessert

  15. Welcome back!
    Your dessert looks/sounds yummy..
    Have to add, your other dessert(mango pudding) is a super hit in my circle now...I am making it so much now that one of these days A will say to B, "Who? dayeeta? the mango pudding lady?..yes yes, i know her"....

    lots of best wishes for little S..

  16. Easy Breezy Dessert indeed! There are lot of times I wonder what to make after all the fancy entree dishes, this one is perfect.

    Best Wishes for Little S in her journey in the Pre K class. Loads of fun for sure.

  17. Hi Sandeepa, I can't read much but saw the colorful gear for S! She is a girly girl!!:D Good luck to her.
    Dessert looks great, love the color.You can make my Vanilla Pudding for a crowd too,it's in Aroma.Enjoy.

  18. Pragyan
    Yeah, it's tempting. Though very easy I don't make it just for ourselves for the same reason

    You deserve that surprise !!!

    It is Mmmmmmmmm good

    Yes, isn't this really easy ?

    You are such a sweetie.
    Yes, I would rather pop into a bakery too given my baking skills :)
    If you are making this try to use fruits like grapes, small peeled bite size mango pieces etc.


    Yes it does tend to be like Namesake, and I think it is more with Bongs outside India, also if I am the host, I wait and wait to serve myself ;-) More havoc on my already tensed nerves :)

    Thanks dear :) Yes, S did enjoy her first day

    This is really really easy, I will delegate this to S in 3 years time :)

  19. Yeah i love mangoes and i do agree with you it is a easy breezy dessert.
    Had a big smile while reading you know that girl who ..

  20. That dessert is impeccable, loved it and its so fast to make. So its school time for your little one, is she Dora fan?

  21. Coffee
    Yes it does happen like "Namesake", I could relate with the book while I read it you know
    Shall be waiting for your exp.

    Raaga, Sunita, Linda, Sra
    Thanks and the wishes shall be passed on

    Now you can alternate with this. This one is very easy & quick too. Do you have a lot of Bongs there, or is it the Dutch ?

    Thank you. Yes after cooking all that often there is little energy left for dessert

    How are your eyes ? Yes Vanilla Pudding is one more quick delight

  22. Happy Cook
    Yeah at last finished HP, so you can see the influence :)

    Thanks, yes S likes Dora & Boots and I think Dora is much better than Barbie, so I let her be a Dora fan for now

  23. welcome bk girl:) i have tasted similar mango dessert in one of my friend's place n never got a chance to get the recipe from her. cool recipe.
    good luck to little S. that school bag and water bottole n tiffin reminded me of my 1st day in school:)

  24. Nice recipe Sandeepa. Good luck to your little one. Viji

  25. loads of good wishes to your little one for her first day - i hope it went very well. :)

    i love mango desserts - the soothing feeling that they give is unbeatable.

  26. With all that Dora gear, Baby must be very excited about pre-school. Sandeepa, this pudding looks perfect to serve her when she gets home from her hard day!

    Thanks for the tip about Maggie's. I looked it up online. Their menu sounds marvelous.

  27. Yummy recipe and nice to see you back. Hope you had a great vacation and how did little S like her first day at school?

    I can totally understand how bongs love to eat when they meet. My hubby who is a non-bong just can't understand that and hence doesn't let me cook zillion items for our gatherings. I will surely try this out at the next dinner party at our place :).

  28. Hi sandeepa
    i can imagine how tasty the dessert is..mixing the mango pulp with yogurt and condensed milk..oh...it is heaven..i am drooling it here!!!!!!!!

    congrtas To little S.Even my daughter is also enjoying her school very much.have fun little S.

  29. Oye..Mango and u re saying easy breezy too !! How can I not try it? i finished my mango puree y';day as I had some impromptu guests..so i will buy some this weekend and try this at the earliest.

    All the very best to Lil S on her first day...I know how important it is and can imagine how excited u re too :) Hope she likes the new class, friends and teacher :)


  30. It looks delicious Sandeepa, quick and easy, my favorite kind! Do try mocha if you get a chance. Atleast I can feast my eyes if not my stomach :)

  31. this has gotta to taste yummy. i'd probably replace the mixed fruit with raspberries or strawberries. thanks for the recipe. tell us about your vacation soooon, and please give little S a big hug from me.

  32. Welcome back sweetie. Hope you and the family had a good vacation.

    I love this - your hubby started weeding out acquaintances based on their culinary skills (lol)

    I think that anything with mango is delicious.

  33. sandeepa..you are funny! this is so easy, perfect for that kuch meetha ho jaye fix ;)

  34. When I read "some Bengali on a Bengali website" I was thinking about the Punju scientist girl :D Now that we all know each other, the recipe sources have names, but before food blogging started, it was all some random recipe sites :D
    Hope you had a great vacation, looking forward to the vacation post.

  35. Hi Sandeepa, Kemon ghurle ? Nice to have you back :) Dessert darun dekhte...try korte hobe. Shedin Baritey ekjon (India-theke) Aunty eshechilen, tomar kalakand baniyechilam...tini darun impressed.. about aajkalkar meyeder skill ;)

  36. Hi Sandeepa, good to see you back. Hope you had a relaxing break! BTW, one more super easy dessert for me to try. Big hug to little S on startign school (and a bigger one for you, you probably need the bug more than her). BTW, if you get a chance do a post on DMC about choosing a pe-school and why you chose not to simply keep her her daycare till 5.

  37. Thats quite an easy recipe Sandeepa....i love mangoes and luckily happened to chance upon mango pulp at the grocery store this time...will try it out...gud luck to little S!!!

  38. Sups
    Thanks dear :) She still goes to the same pre-school/daycare, so the environment is the same for her and she had fun

    Viji, Lakshmi

    She doesn't get the pudding !!! Too much sweet for everyday :), once in a while it is fine

    I hate to make the zillion things too and have cut down quiet a lot. However when it comes to eating at someone's place I would prefer 2-3 nicely cooked dishes that I like or give me a zillion dishes to sample ;-)

    Yeah yummy ingreds == yummy end result

    What did you do with your Mango Pulp ? i only make either pudding or this, don't know any other way

    Mocha ta shokto ache, kat te o janina :-)

    Done, the hug I mean

    You have to believe me when I say He really did that :) But not with friends mind you, if they don't cook they anyway treat us to a good meal at a restaurant :)

    More of "jab kuch log zyada ho jay" kind for me

    Ahaa...but fortunately there is only one Punju Scientist Girl we know of

    Ha ha...good to know :) You make it so much more than me that next time I will have to learn from you

    This is the same daycare/pre-school. She will continue here even for Kindergarten. Only a new class with a new teacher and different set of class mates/friends

    Try to add fruits you like too

  39. Tomorrow is my Son's first day in School. I too have got him a school bag. the pudding looks yum and simple.

  40. Hi Sandeepa, Looking forward to hear more about Little S's first day at school. Answering your question about Poi with shrimp, I don't know how to make it. Will ask my mom..I need more Poi recipes :) Thanks for the idea.

  41. Hi Snadeepa....This is a nice idea... Looks delish....Excellent picture...Great recipe...

  42. Dear Sandu, I am so sorry for missing out on the award. Didnt really mean to. I added yours too right away. Ya I decorated my son. It was quite difficult as he didnt let me do it:) Today I just left him in school. He was crying.

  43. thanku Sandeepa :) for the comment. ar sob kemon cholche? Tomar meye kemon ache?

  44. Hopefully all the Alphonsos we are (now) exporting from Pune to the US will make this dessert even better. :-)

  45. hi.. can you post a recipe for your home baked cake.. I am craving cakes and want to make it the way we used to make it at home. ( I am a 29 yr bong , married to a mallu.. desparately missing all bong food with my pregnancy!)

  46. Amazing dessert and thanks I was looking for something to whip up for 40 people without standing near the stove forever...

  47. Expecting a couple of guests tomorrow night. I've got some mango pulp in the larder. Did a quick google search and found your recipe. Hope it turns ouut as well as you describe it. I'll skip the condensed milk though. I think it will be too sweet with it.


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