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Baked Salmon er Kalia


This recipe is for SJ of A Pinch of Spice. Until she mentioned I did not even know that a dish called "Baked Salmon er Kalia" was titillating Bong palates up North-West. I knew the regular maacher kalia (or fish kalia) but this was salmon and that too baked. My local bong friends spoiled by the bangladeshi fish sellers abounding the east coast seldom cook salmon while entertaining and so such a nouveau dish had not found its way in their kitchen.

So I searched high and low, actually I just Googled and bam landed on this recipe. "So this is what it is", I thought, "almost like a regular kalia but the salmon has been marinated in spices and baked" ?


I still do not know the answer i.e. if this is the REAL "Baked Salmon er Kalia" or not. Only SJ can testify. Till then all I can say is this was a lovely salmon dish, just like a regular macher kalia but with salmon and we thoroughly enjoyed it with a bowl of brown rice. Big Sis S seems to have taken a liking for salmon and certain fish fillet, and this dish apparently earned her approval


Baked Salmon Kalia

For 6-7 pieces of salmon fillet. Each piece roughly a square of 2" x 1.5"

Prep: Make a marinade of 2 -3 tbsp yogurt, 1/2 tsp of garlic paste, 1/2 tsp heaped of ginger paste, 1/4 tsp of R. Chilli Powder and salt. In a shallow flat bowl(or even a plate) put the fish pieces and pour the marinade over the fish. Put back in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes

Grind 1/2 cup of chopped red onion + 1 fat clove of garlic + 2 green chilli(adjust according to your hot tolerance) to a fine paste

Start Cooking:

Drizzle a little olive oil and bake the salmon pieces for 20 minutes at 275F 350 F  After 20 minutes turn them over, sprinkle a little sugar and put in broil for next 5 minutes. Note: After suggestions by a friend I have been baking Salmon at a lower temp of 275F and the fish is much more moist and delicious. So i am updating this post with the new bake temperature.

To Make the Gravy:

Heat Oil in a kadhai or a heavy bottomed pan

Temper the oil with 1 large Bay leaf or 2 small tej patta(tej patta is usually smaller than bay leaf) + 4 Green Cardamom/Elaichi + 1/2 tsp of Whole Jeera/Cumin Seeds.

When the spices sputter add the onion + garlic paste

Fry for a couple of minutes with a sprinkle of sugar.

When the onion turns a nice reddish brown, add 1 tsp of fresh grated ginger + 1 small tomato finely chopped(try to get a nice juicy stem tomato and use only 1/2 of a large one)

Fry till you see the tomato turn into a pulp and there is no raw smell

To 1-2 tsp of yogurt add 1/2 tsp of Corriander powder + 1/2 tsp of Cumin Powder + 1/4 tsp of Red Chilli Powder + little Turmeric and make a paste. Here instead of yogurt you can make a paste in water also

Add this paste + salt to the Kadhai/Pan, turning the heat to low

Fry till you see the oil separate from the masala

Add about 1/2-1 cup of water and let the gravy come to a boil. You may need to add more water depending on the amount of gravy

Let the gravy simmer till it thickens. The gravy will have a smooth consistency.

You can pour the gravy over the baked fish and serve. Alternately add the baked fish to the gravy and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Garnish with chopped fresh corriander leaves and serve

My other Fish Kalia with Rui -- Maacher Kalia

Salmon in an Indian Chilli Fish


  1. Salmons are my fav when you say baked I am excited lovely dish its very tempting Sandeeps...

  2. Liked the fact that you could add baked salmon to the kalia. Or else frying the fish and putting in the kalia is not always a healthy option.

    Sandeepa - You should blog sometime with some quick and easy lunch ideas for weekedays / for work.

  3. Till now I only had smoked salmon! The dish is new and interesting.

  4. Glamorised kalia! But the baked version sounds healthier than the deep frying of the fish that we usually do.

  5. Interesting, that, to add baked fish!

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  7. This Kalia dish looks delicious Sandeepa. I have started using less and less of salmon becuase other white fish don't smell that much, where before this was the only fish I ever cooked.

    When I make a wet fish preparation rarely if ever fry or bake the fish, whereas most Bengali wet dishes have fried fish, correct?

  8. Marinated Salmon in gravy sounds great to me. I have to get some Salmon first. Good for big S, makes her super smart. I should have made more seafood at home when they were young kids. Well..better late than never, catching up! :D

    I tried your Doi Dim, was so yummy. Kids polished it off, thanks for that. I will post next week before I go on break! :)

  9. Ramya
    We do eat baked/broiled salmon a lot. But this is the first time I made a Indian style curry with it

    For weekday lunch I usually pack -- 1 whole weat tortilla or a flax seed wrap, some left over sabzi and maybe a dal. Nothing much interesting there. To blog I have to pack better stuff :) But if you check the spreadsheet for 7 Day challenge you can see some interesting no-carb lunches that we had last week


    Then try the Fish 65 with salmon first, it really tastes spicy and good


    Many of my friend here broil regular fish to make a jhol, but I have always fried my fish to make bangali jhol


    Yeah you know this was like an Indian sauce with the fish, if you thicken and pour the gravy over the fish


    I wasn't too fond of salmon before but hubby used to love it. Now seeing that its benefits are much more than other fish, I try to have it couple of times every two weeks


    Your kids are super smart anyway, they don't need any more fish :) Salmon might need a little getting used to, because of the smell. But these Amriki-Indian kids, maybe they will prefer salmon over others like my S does

  10. This looks great! I never would have thought to bake the fish. I've always just lightly pan-fried the fish before adding it to the jhol.

  11. Sandeepa,
    I love the taste of salmon. Very popular (esp smoked) in England - so i have made Indian curries with this but never like this! Good that SJ got you thinking. Madam got away with no cooking when I visited her last month (she did make a mango cheesecake - will ask her to post!).
    Looks like salmon will be on the menu this weekend!
    Take care and thanks for the wonderful posts!

  12. Sandeepa, looks lovely! I still haven't tried the recipe you sent me :-( My cooking has been very basic lately fir no reason other than lack of enthu to cook.
    Really need to make the mango cheesecake post - it is ridiculously easy so I can't use the excuse of no-time. Will post sometime soon (hopefully)
    Take care.

  13. Thanks for posting this along wth the yummy photos - very tempting to get some salmon soon.

  14. I mostly use salmon to make Indian style curries...absolutely love this fish :-)Your dish looks great...recently, made something similar with haddock :-)

  15. I have never cooked salmon in the Bong or rather Indian way. I used to be scared about the smell, but realized after buying salmon a few times that with marinating it, the smell either goes away or I got used to it:-).. It's time I get some salmon, besh mukhe jol jol aschey:-D

    Good that ur DD started liking salmon. mine 2 eats the Tilapia & catfish pretty happy, but kinda ok with salmon.

    Why add the sugar on the fish? for the color?

  16. baked salmon.!!!!.its different..should give a try..can't imagine the taste

  17. Baked salmon er kalia ,bhalo lagche dekhe :))...salmon ek do baar hi kheyechi US e thaka kalin..aamra tilapia or catfish hi khetaam kinto ekto pan-fry kore ....
    hugs and smiles

  18. I must confess that i am a big fan of smoke salmon and am not too enthused by cooked salmon. That's because restaurants at Mumbai cheat you by serving rawas and saying that it is Norwegian salmon!!!

  19. Who cares if it is real or not, anything with salmon gets my vote... That masala sounds so delish, sounds like a lot of work, but it must be worth it! :)

  20. I'm going to use that gravy :D for my veggie dishes

  21. Nice clicks.. but i never eat nv still it is looking good and mouthwatering

  22. this looks great. will try it. i tried shorshe ilish but with salmon and it worked pretty well. would love to see more bangla fish recipes :)

  23. Hi sandeepa,

    Hope u doing good.Shifted to a new house last weekend..was running too busy..My hubby asked me to prepare something yummy (Married to Punju)as we were eating out a lot.Today I am gonna prepare payesh "ur style"..

    Baked Salmon er kalia looks great n yummy...Do you think I can prepare the same dish with Tilapia?
    Actually I am not too fond of salmon, I find it lil strong.

  24. B

    Yeah tilapia should be great too. Check the bake times, that might differ

  25. Well, you know if big S has given the stamp of approval, this needs to make a regular appearance on the table.

  26. i love salmon (and tuna). they have such a great taste of their own that no matter how i (read my husband :D) cook them, they turn out tops! I will have to surprise him with this one!!!! will let you know how it goes! :)

  27. Hi Sandeepa, can you email me your email addy at I need to ask you a favour.
    -formerly known as mainyacha

  28. Anon

    may I know who you are ?

  29. Moi

    Try the pepper shrimp first, easier, quicker and total yumm

  30. Salmon - one of the yummiest fish in the this version, so kool.

  31. This recipe looks yumm!!! I must try it.. I have tried my hand at a supposedly bong style recipe:

    Being a non-bong - I'd love to hear your review comments.

    Wonderful blog and beautiful pictures too - Keep blogging!

  32. I am trying it today...let's see! It would be very nice and delicious seemingly...

  33. What do we call Salmon in Bengali

  34. What do we call Salmon in Bengali?Is it Rui or Katla


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