Monday, March 15, 2010

Spicy Egg Muffins -- chasing Monday Blues with Egg White

Forbes published its billionaires list last week. Of the 1011 in the list, 89 are women and a very few of them are self made billionaires. Why do you think there are so few rich women as compared to men ? Do women think it is not worthwhile to amass so much money and there are better things to do in life (that I agree to) ? Is it because they get paid less than the men ? Or is it because the Forbes list is stupid ? What do you think ?

While you ponder over that, lets make some hearty, heart healthy egg muffins to cheer up a dull Monday.

I have loved Kalyn's Egg Muffins from the day I have seen them. Strangely I did not make them until early last week and then once I started I could not stop, for the next 3 days I kept making them. They are super easy and super delicious. I used only Egg White and kicked up the spiciness by several notches.

Due to health reasons, we had hugely reduced our egg intake and did not eat more than 1 or 2 a week. D did not like Egg whites enough unless he made a Frittata. So when ever we are on the low carb diet week, breakfast is a challenge or was, because now I have found these egg muffins which I make with only Egg Whites and still they turn out to be incredibly delicious.

And did I say they were super easy. I did ? Ok then go ahead and follow these steps to make them


Original Recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen

Makes about 12 Muffins

Pour out 2 cups of Egg White in a bowl and spice it up with
Red Chilli Powder,
Black Pepper Powder,
a Little Garam Masala
and salt
. Give a good stir or two to blend in the spices. I used egg whites out of a carton.
If using whole eggs, beat eggs lightly. You will need about one egg per muffin

Preheat oven to 375F

Grease the silicone cups lightly with oil or non-stick spray. Kalyn says if using regular muffin pan, use two paper liners in each slot and grease inside of the liner.

Layer the bottom of the muffin cups with shredded cheese. I used a pack of shredded Taco cheese. Top it with chopped green scallion(this is important). I have also used some carrots but you can use other veggies like red pepper or mushroom. If you like meat add some sausage. To spice it up I add chopped green chili

Sprinkle some more cheese on top so that almost 1/2 the muffin cup is full. Kalyn says 3/4th full but I went with 1/2

Pour the spiced up egg white so that the muffin cups are now almost 3/4 full and stir gently with a fork . If you have not added green chili add a drop of hot Tabasco in each cup.

Bake them for 20-30 minutes or until the muffins rise like a mushroom cloud. Put in a knife or fork to see if it comes out clean. If yes you are done.

Since I used only egg whites, my muffins went "phichik" and sunk once cooled. At least I think it was the only Egg white formula that did it, Kalyn's muffins did not sink and I think if you are using whole eggs, don't beat all that much and they will not sink. That didn't really matter, they were very very good to eat.

These muffins stay well when frozen. I have refrigerated them for 2 days but have not frozen them yet. But you can put them in Ziploc bags and freeze them too. Warm them up in the Microwave and they are as good as new


  1. Do you think that is because we spend more money ;-)
    I have nevee made a egg muffin, i just love the idea, looks really yummy. And a wonderful way for the kids to eat veggies, is they are anything like mine.

  2. amar dharoNa taka rojgar korata ekhono meyeder kachhe priority noy. amader safolyer koshtipathortai asole anyo. taka rojgar kore impress korar theke, ranna kore, ba guNodhor chhele manush kore chomke dewata ekhono anek beshi cholti.

  3. they look beautiful. what oven temp did you set?

  4. What a lovely start to a Monday!
    Just heard about the storms from a friend. Hope it was not too bad where you stay.

  5. That's it?! No flour, no mixing, no measuring out baking powder?! Wowie! Am all set for next sunday's b'fast. :-)

  6. Hey Sandeepa, these look great! I am actually looking out for slightly low carb breakfasts and meals lately!! So this is really good. :) Thanks!

  7. Spicy egg muffins look delicious! So simple and easy to make.

  8. simply superb. am in Kolkata and will ake these fro my father-sans the cheese I guess. very bright pictures Sandeepa.

  9. hey!! I loved the way u said "phichik" about the muffins. Yeah this is something My dad fed us for b'fast when we were young, about 25 yrs back. My dad is no more and i have , over the years changed a lot about the recipe. I use whites too but if u r not strictly "no" carb, I suggest use roughly crumbled whole wheat bread( i use ezekiel..i love it)inside the cups.I use that as my first layer in the cup so it gets crunchy and gives a nice shape to the muffins and lol...toast and eggs...typical huh??

  10. Hi,

    The egg muffins look great! How many eggs (not egg whites)do we need to make 12 muffins?

  11. Anon

    Check the original recipe. Kalyn uses eggs and she says about 12 - 15 eggs

  12. Interesting question Sandeepa and I don't know if there is ashort answer for that. I had seen this article a few days ago: (what does it take to be a billionaire) and one of the characteristics is family commitment. I personally think this factor along with the risk taking ability is what makes us take a backseat.

    Loved the muffin idea.

  13. At least we should smile to see few women listed in billionaire list! Needs perhaps a decade to break the men kingdom :)
    Like the 1 rst women director who won Oscar!
    All egg dishes goes flat after rising like dome! But this one is simply a heart healthy start!

  14. Sandeepa, great minds do think alike :) I have been eyeing Kalyn's egg muffins for a while and decided to make them on saturday but the last minute switched to Corn muffins.

    They are fantastic I bet, I am set for making them this weekend,

  15. Sandeepa, this is lovely! They will beat the monday blues for sure.

  16. This is a super easy recipe. Great for quick breakfasts !

  17. Lovely Sandeepa! If you could beat the egg whites to soft peaks,it would turn into souffles and won't sink this fast. They look lovely! I think rich women can only be single ;)

  18. pichak! hahaha :) nice idea, must-try!

  19. Those sure look like tasty little bites! But I must say I think egg yolks have so much nutrition that I like including yolks in my egg dishes too.

    I don't know why more women are not billionaires but speaking for myself, I have not seen too many wealthy people who are happy- more money, more problems :D I like having enough money for all the comforts in life but none for the luxuries.

    I think women may place a higher priority of other things in life, such as stability, rather than take some of the risks that wealthy people seem to take in order to make money.

  20. HC

    yeah that is a good reason :)


    I don't think it is all that much about impressing. For women it is more about the satisfaction they get out of such things. I can speak for myself only and I see post-kids things that satisfy me more are vastly different from before.


    The storm was bad but we were ok, no outage or anything, it was bad up north


    Yeah my daughter can do this one. Next time I am delegating b'fast :)


    Yeah these are good if you are on low carb and there are infinite options for the veggies you can put in


    Thanks and yeah they are easy


    I think you need the cheese, very little will also do

    That is a great idea. I am thinking the older one might like the bread in it


    I very much agree. Read the article.


    I was really happy for Kathryn Bigelow, and that she won over her ex-husband ;-)


    They indeed are



    Eves Lungs

    Yeah super easy and freezable. In my book, nothing can be better than that


    See, you are the baking guru. I will beat the eggwhites next time, though have no idea what "soft peaks" mean



    I agree, I wouldn't really want to be a billionaire because I have no clue what to do with all that money. For the same strange reason, I don't pay too much attention towards saving for the future either.

    As for women billionaires I think the time it takes to accumulate that much wealth, women fleet into more demanding roles like motherhood and such and their priorities shift. Very few can maintain the balance and excel in both

  21. wow!Wot a yummy way to beat monday blues!!Great recipe!

  22. Thanks for dropping by Sandeepa n having a word means a lot to me.
    I am better now and trying to start blogging again , seeing a cheerful write up like this surely make me think about writing myself.
    And i don't want to become a billionaire , just a sensible human being will be so much better..:)

  23. I always look for the easiest recipes....this one is the perfect for me....following are welcome to visit my blog too.:)

  24. Sandeepa,
    This link gives even a learner could understand about beating egg whites. Check it out.
    You can replace the cream or tartar with lime juice and skip the sugar and kep beating for almost similar consistency as shown in the pictures. This way you incorporate more air to the egg whites and you can fold the rest of the ingredients before putting them in the muffin trays. Give a try it would give better results.

  25. Nirmala

    Thanks, that link was an education. Will do that next time

  26. Hi sandeepa,

    I am writing to you after a long time..I was super duper busy with lil daughter..I delivered her on 11Jan 2010.. we were alone here.. Maa aashte paren ni..Visa was rejected.

    I guess I missed on your lots of lovely posts.. will be going thru them all soon. I loved ur spicy egg muffin recipe. My hubby gonna love it.. Coming sunday spicy egg muffin will be our b'fast..

    Thanks for love recipe

  27. Ah well we still live in a man's world. Career driven women who overlook their personal/home/family life don't get treated the same way as men. That would make her "ambitious" a term never used negatively to describe a man. Whereas it's quite acceptable for a man to be a workaholic and never see his kids. I have a muffin while I mull over that please.

  28. Yum, I had no idea the egg (or egg white in this case) could hold up on its own and form a muffin shape, I guess I always assumed it needed flour or sth. else in it. I like one of your readers comments of adding a little bread in it too. What a great bkfst idea "pichik" or not! =)

  29. B
    Congrats & welcome to motherhood !!! You must be very brave to handle everything on your own

  30. Mallika

    Is it just the society, I think it is a lot the women themselves.

    Yeah they hold beautifully, the veggies and cheese help


    Silence Sings, Sangeeta, Esha
    Thank You

  31. I was quite impressed with the 89 itself considering how difficult it is for women to continue working and climbing up the ladder once they have a family. I found this a very well written article about why it is not just enough to pay lip service to the principle of equality and give women equal opportunities on paper. The actual implication of working in the business world is very different.


  32. Hi, I'm Bengali too, and my friend's aunt makes something like this...but she calls them "dimer pitha" and they have a slight ginger/moida taste to them *confused* Oh,and they are fried too
    Anyway, nice recipe and love the blog
    If you can, since you're such a seasoned cook, can you put up a recipe for a muro ghonto, with thick jhol and generously garnished with dhoina pata? ;) Yum.

  33. Lovely lovely idea....of adding eggs for savoury muffins....sounds yummy

  34. egg muffins bananor muffin tray ta chhobite dekhachho...segulo ki kolkatay available?kothay paoa jay bolte paro...?amr khub dorkar...

  35. Sohini

    Ami Kolkatay thakina. Sorry, for not being of any help

  36. thats perfectly ok...loved ur blog by tha way.....


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