Monday, August 01, 2011

This & That of Summer Vacation

This summer, being the Type A parent that I am, I had been a little worried. Big Sis might not have fun I thought. The scenario was something like this.She did not want to join a summer camp; her very good friend, the little neighbor girl left for India the day after the vacations started; she would be home with Little Sis and the nanny and nothing on TV except basic cable translated to PBS kids.

She will start whining and start off with "I am getting bored..." every afternoon I get back from work, I told all and sundry who cared to listen.

Instead last week she told me "This is the best summer vacation ever".


Harbor at Sonderborg, the small town about 3 hrs from Copenhagen

Indeed summer has been fun and busy with a lot of things happening that wasn't really planned for. First, there was this show that the kids put up, a very casual "stage-in-the-basement" kind of thing, in lines of something we ourselves did as a kid every summer. There were dances to Tagore's songs where the little ones had mismatched steps and when one did a twirl the other just looked on but they looked immensely cute in their red-bordered sarees doing whatever they did to the tunes of "Dhitang Dhitang Bole".

Next, they did a drama, Sukumar Ray's "Obaak Jolpaan". Given that the age range of kids in the drama was 5 to 8 , we Mothers had ruthlessly shortened the dialogs to make it easier for them. The kids did the drama so well that it was hilarious. And they all had loads of fun doing it too.


Pretty Windmills all around

The day after the "function", we went for a week's vacation to Denmark. D was on work there for 2 days and so we all decided to tag along and spend a week. Again being the Type A kinda Mother I was little hesitant and worried about food etc. for LS because the none of the hotels that we had booked had a kitchenette.


Ice Cream on the Boat

I shouldn't have worried at all, for there was ice cream all around and LS thrived on it. Also kids are more adaptable than we think and LS nibbled on hot dogs, pasta, Thai chicken, Indian butter chicken(this was horrible), Greek gyros and that was fine for her. In fact she was much more happier and active with the very little eating that she had to do.

The Little Mermaid

Big Sis was at the right age to enjoy what she visited. She had been reading some of Hans Christian Andersen's works and was really looking forward to see the Little Mermaid. The castles now turned into museums were also a source of great interest to her as were the many canals along which we took a ferry ride.

The Canals of CopenHagen


The Elephant Parade in CopenHagen


The Old and the New


On a rainy Morning

Back from the vacation, BigSis is off again on a sleepover, this time at a very good friend's home who is also a family friend. The little one cried her heart out because Sis will be away today. Tomorrow when BisgSis is back the regular sisterly fights can begin.

Hopen Hagen


  1. Nice holiday! And I remember when I was young all of us cousins would put on a show for my grandad!!Such fun for the kids.

  2. Ur post reminds me of childhood days

  3. Excellent photos. U all really had a good holiday. The kids drama really reminds us childhood days.

  4. All my summer holidays were spent at home, reading books and answering the questions papers we had answered once already in the exam! We didn't even have a 'native place' (today's "native") to go to, as my clan had moved to the towns since my grandparents were in school!!! We got to see a few places when my parents attended conferences in other cities.

  5. Hope you got my mail, btw!

  6. Looks like everybody had a fab time in Denmark.
    i have never seen any hotels that have a kitchente in europe unlike US. I think you only have it when you rent a apartment or something like that.

  7. Wah what an awesome summer vacation...

    I so love that song 'dhitang dhitang bole' I have danced on it about 10 times through my school life..with that white saree and red border and red blouse...awesome :) you reminded me of my school vacations...

    thanks Bongmom, its a lovely lovely post :)

  8. Such a sweet, refreshing post ..loved it ..last pic looks similar with "rickshaws" here..onek kotha mone korale choto balakaar..all the pictures looks fab..UK te service apartment rent korle kitchenette daye, normal or luxary hotels e eyi shobidhe ta neyi..bhalo thekho..hugs and smiles

  9. Denmark photos look fabulous..

  10. HCA's books used to be too big for me to hold ... still one of my favs. Khub anondo korecho jana jacche ... darun shob snaps. :-)

  11. Sounds like Big S had a lot of fun! I finally posted pics from our London trip.

  12. Beautiful pics! Kids are more resiliant than we like to think!

  13. Very nice blog.. This was very good.. I like it.. Keep it up.

  14. Very well indeed the vacation seems to have progressed. plays et al huh?!! no wonder she loved her vacation. and ice cream makes one of the big dairy food groups when we travel!

  15. Lovely post and pictures!! Loved the anedotes of the darling children! :-)

  16. How was the Thai chicken was it delicious? Thanks.


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