Monday, January 15, 2007

Poush Parbon er Pati Shapta

Patishapta Narkel Kheer Pur diye | Bengali Crepe

India being a predominantly agrarian country the harvesting season is joyfully celebrated during the months of Poush-Magh and Falgun (January to February), the festival being known by different names in different regions. In Bengal the harvesting festival is known as Poush Parbon (Winter Festival), poush being the name of the month.

This festival also celebrates Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti — marking the sun's passage from Capricorn to Aquarius
This festival is also known as Pithey Parbon in Bengal, pithey being a sweet made with basic agrarian ingredients of the region like rice, date palm etc. .There are several varieties of Pithey known as Gokul Pithey, Ashkey Pithey, Shajer Pithey etc. Along with this, sweets like Pati Shapta, rice-flour crepes filled with khoya and coconut stuffing, Soru Chakli and many more are also made. A very nice article on this festival and the variety of sweets made can be found here
PatiShapta -- Crepes filled with a coconut kheer stuffing

Though Poush Parban is more of a rural festival, urban households in Bengal celebrate it too, the emphasis here being on the food galore rather the pithey galore.

My baba’s side i.e my paternal grandparents house were a bit of a radical and didn’t celebrate poush parbon with much fervor but at my Dida’s house or my Maternal grandparents house all three days of sankrati were celebrated. I vaguely remember my Dida going around the house tying fresh hay to all the door handles in the house. She would also make varieties of pithey, the first batch being Ashkey pithey. She would store the first batch of pithey in an earthenware container as an symbolic offering to gods and later immerse it in the river.

With time however this has changed, even my Ma does not go around tying hay to door knobs and does not make all the 8-10 varieties of pithey on this day. She does make Puli Payesh, pati sapta and gokul pithey though. My Ma-in-law make sthis amazing Gokul Pithey and next time I am going to learn from her. This time I made Pati Shapta, rice flour crepes filled with stuffing of coconut & khoya, which I learnt from Ma. Traditionally I should have used Khejur Gur or Date Palm Jaggery but because of my khejur gur ration I used sugar instead

Ok so heres the recipe. This is going to be a piece of cake for all my friends from Southern part of India. In fact you guys can give me inputs on how to make this better as this was my maiden effort.

What You Need

For the pur or stuffing

Grated Coconut ~ 3 cup
Khoa ~ 12 oz
Sugar ~ 1 cup. If you can use Date Palm Jaggery that would be best

For Batter for Crepe

Maida or All Purpose Flour ~ 3 cup
Sooji or Semolina ~ ½ cup
Rice Flour ~ ¼ cup.
Milk ~ 4 cups + a little more. As you make the batter, if you feel the batter is not thin enough to spread out add more. Note: the batter needs to be really thin and you may need more milk for this. Ideally the batter should spread easily on the griddle when poured
1/4 Cup of sugar

How I Did It

For the Pur or Stuffing

Take 3 cups of grated coconut. Fresh is better but I used frozen. Microwave the frozen one, to make it soft and fluffy
In the Kadai or Frying Pan mix the grated coconut with 1 cup sugar and mix with hand, pressing a little, so that The coconut will become slightly moist because of the sugar. This step is before the pan is put on the stove.
Next Microwave the khoya to make it a little soft
Put the Kadhai/Frying pan with coconut mix in it on the stove and stir.
Add the khoya and keep on stirring till the mixture turns a light brown and is sticky. At this point the mix should not dis-integrate but should look like a light brown slightly sticky granular substance. It took me almost 30 mins to do this

For the Crepe

In a big bowl add,
3 cup pf Maida/ All Purpose Flour
1/2 cup of Sooji
1/4 cup of Fine Rice Flour. If you have store bought rice flour you may need to grind it once more in your dry grinder to make it fine. 
1/4 cup of Sugar

Add 4 cups of Milk, do not add all the milk all at once, add it as you mix so you get an idea as to the consistency of the batter. You may need to add a little more of milk or water depending on the batter thickness. The batter should be a little more liquid than pancake batter. Make sure the batter has no lumps.
Cover the batter and set it aside for couple of hours to rest.

Heat a Frying Pan and smear a little oil/ghee on it. Just a brush of oil or ghee is fine.
Take a ladle full of batter (about quarter cup) and pour it on the Frying Pan and tilting the pan and moving the mixture with back of the ladle, evenly distribute the batter in a circle . You have to do this quick before the mix sets.

Once you feel the bottom side of the crepe is cooked, put the stuffing lengthwise towards one of the edge of the crepe. It is the same with savory or sweet stuffing.
Fold the crepe into a roll and lightly press it down. Give it a minute to get the brown spots, if you like it that way. Take it out on a plate and start with the next,

For serving
Drizzle the crepes with condensed milk and serve hot. Ideally my Ma use to thicken the milk, sweeten it and pour it over the crepes. I cut the method short with condensed milk

What I learnt
While using rice flour you have to be careful to make the batter a little more thinner and the crepe more thin, only then it remains soft even when cold. My batter in this case should have been more thin, a consistency that would spread easily on the griddle by tilting the griddle around

Updated on Jan 14th, 2020:

Finally, I have got hang of the Rice flour in patishapta

Make Batter

Rice Flour (from Indian stores) -- 1 Cup
Maida or AP Flour - 1/2 Cup
Sooji or Fine Rawa -- 1/4th Cup

Milk -- 2&1/2 Cups at room temperature

Sugar -- 3 Tbsp

Make a smooth batter by whisking the above ingredients, make sure there are no lumps. The batter should be thinner than pancake batter.

Make the Crepes

Take a small non-stick crepe pan. My omeltte pan serves the purpose.

Brush the pan with a few drops of oil. Raise the gas heat to high.

Take little less than 1/4th Cup of batter and pour on the center of the pan, quickly swirling the pan to spread the batter.

Now lower heat to medium and cook the crepe until edges start turning light brown. Lift the edges to see if the crepe is developing brown spots.

Put the stuffing towards the edge and wrap the crepe around it. Remove and serve hot

Get this recipe in my Book coming out soon. Check this blog for further updates. 


  1. Sandeepa,

    You have amazing traditional Bong recipes. Thanks to you, I spe nd less time on the phone asking my mom for recipes and more time chatting about other things. The list of things I plan to make from your blog gets longer.... :-)
    BTW, I have tried your kalakand and doi maach and both are keepers!
    Thanks for all your lovely recipes.

  2. PS eagerly awaiting this recipe.

  3. Sandeepa, Happy "Mahar Sankranti" to you, the sweet looks delicious. Will wait for the recipe. When else can you gorge on sweets?

  4. Hi Sandeepa, I really enjoyed reading this post about winter harvest festival... thank you for sharing. Will peek back for this recipe, too. Best wishes! :)

  5. Looking forward to the update! :) Looks so good.

  6. Good to know that the same harvest festival has so many diff. names!!I like Lohri the best!:)Dessert looks so good!:))Enjoy!!

  7. Sandeepa Poush parbon looks awesome...we in kerala also make something like this with wheat flour or rice flour or maida too and coconut and jaggery filling. Will be posting it soon.The pic is mouth watering.

  8. Happy Sankranthi to you, Sandeepa! Both the pithe and the kamlalebur payesh look yummy! Nice pix and informative write-ups as usual.

  9. I am learning so much about regional customes...thats another resaon why i read food blogs...not just recipes but regional customes and cooking styles....thanks for sharing

  10. Nice pages here. Great information. Will visit again and recommend.

  11. Lovely post as usual!!!! YOur words say it all :) Can see how enthu you are about it. :) Waiting to see the recipe. :)

  12. wow sandeepa... very good write up..altough sankranti is celebrated in different states in different way, the main reason for celebration is same. happy sankranti to u and ur family girl:)

  13. sandeepa ,

    this is so -so tasty ..i love it ) ami o banabo..just made makke ki roti and sarson ka saag yesterday for lohri ..

  14. Looks delicious ! waiting for the recipe

  15. Sj
    Thanks for your encouraging words. If you have any changes for the recipes you have tried, please let me know, or better still put it in your posts. Blooging e bangali eto kom, tomay dekhe khub bhalo laglo, ar amar Ma ekhon ekhane ache tai I try to follow her direction for recipes like this :)

    There has been to much sweets this weekend. I am weighed down by guilt when I see the lovely soup in your blog

    Thanks and peek back by mid week :)

    Thanks Yaar

    Yeah there are so many, it's nice to read about them too. I had heard a lot about Pongal and all "gyan" abot Lohri is from that Movie -- ShahRukh, Preity, Amitabh, Rani-- forget the name

    What you do in Kerala is I think exactly the same thing. I actually think lot of Kerala traditions overlap with Bengal including the Red inclination


  16. Have a great time celebrating. I am looking forward to the recipe. Your recipe collection is so unique, want to try them all.

  17. Sandeepa, I am so very glad you started a blog. I was not aware of so many delicious bong recipes and wonderful traditions. Pati Shapta looks great. looking forward to the recipe!

  18. DilipJi
    That is so true, even I like this about food blogs, variety of cultures

    Rogers Place

    Do you guys from Gujarat have a Sankarnti ritual too ? Shall update the recipe as soon as I get time, lot of work this week :(

    Good to see you :)

    Wow do you have a Lohri post ? Ajkei jabo

    Thanks , it's easy if you are from south

  19. Hi Sandeepa,best wishes for poush parbon..very good recipe.Have to try it soon as I have never had it before but always heard rave reviews about this one.

  20. Nice looking dish Sandeepa, Its very new for me, but the description sounds yummy to me. Thanks..

  21. Gini and hema
    I think that is so true of all cultures. Like I am glad that I visit all yours blog too, as it gives me wider insight into your culture & food habits etc.

    Vini K
    Shall try to post by mid week hopefully :)

    Are you from North of India, because "Gupta" is a North Indian title. ? This recipe is like rice crepes but Indian way

  22. Hi Sandeepa, as my mother is Punjabi I missed out on seeing her make all the lovely bangali mishtis and contented myself with eating 1kg of narkel naru at a time instead.

    I love pati shapta and am eagerly awaiting the recipe.

  23. This is so new to me! Will wait for the recipe Sandeepa.


  24. hi sandeepa
    happy pongal..
    nice picture..awaiting the recipe..

  25. Hey Sandeepa
    Picture looks fabulous. Nice narration about winter harvest festival.

  26. I was lured here by the curious title and after reading the description, this seems to be similar to the south indian dish poli...are you familiar with that?
    Poli is made from maida, as thin crepes, and stuffed either with jaggery or coconut. I think it is a Karnataka dish.

    Very intersting...can't wait for your entire recipe :)

  27. You got to be kidding me. I so miss India and mom .... Koto din hoye geche withe the patishapta and pithe .. This was the perfect week to be in NJ (** winks **). How about next week? Hollering out now :))

  28. Wow! That looks so interesting, Sandeepa! I'm looking forward to the recipe!

  29. Mallika,
    A little busy yaar, shall post soon with my experience making it too :)

    Trupti,Swapna, Padmaja, Vani
    You know it may look new but I am sure all of you must have something similar to this in your cuisine too

    I am not familiar with poli, but your description does fit the bill

    Too late :) Sankranti over and the pithe gone. You should have hollered earlier :) Good to see you around

  30. Fabulous traditions - Thanks so much for sharing! Smita

  31. Happy Makar(or is it mahar) Sankranti to u! It was so nice to read ur nostalgic post on it. Really , half the fun in these festivals are the traditions associated with it. I do hopw u tied hay on ur door knobs in New Jersey!No harvest here but at least we are in garden state!

  32. Hey Sandeepa,I had already posted a commented..i don't know what happened to it.Nice write up about the festival.Pati sahpta looks delicious and will try soon.

  33. That is neat!!! Nice recipe :)

    Nah, we dont have any rituals for sankranti, except for kite flying :P if you can call is a ritual that is :)

  34. Sandeepa, nice post as always and pati shapta looks devine dear. So beautiful, moist and nice.

  35. came back here to see the recipe...and I see you tried the maida + sooji combo. I think thats what is in poli too..yes, they're lovely and flaky and soft..yum!
    The pictures and your description has left me craving for some right now!

  36. Sandeepa, thanks for sharing your family stories, I enjoy reading it so much. In my home country we also made something very similar to your stuffed crepes, very delicious indeed!

  37. do for my weekend thanks....smacking my lips already.

  38. Hi Sandeepa,
    Nice presentation. It looks mouthwatering. thanks for sharing

  39. Look forward to this delicious looking Pati Shapta, Sandeepa. You have an awesome blog of Bengali recipes.

  40. Sandeepa, tomar peethe sapta dekhe-i khete icche korche... my grandmom would make this... in similar manner

  41. Sandeepa,
    Tomar/Apnar Pati Shapta darun !! Tobey pati shapta aarektu shada holey beshi bhalo lagena ?? Well done !! This is my favourite sweet that I can eat any time of the day/year !! A Seriously devouring dish of Bengalees !! Keep the Good work !!

  42. Nivedita
    Anek din por tomar comment ta dekte pelam sorry.
    Tumi thik i bolecho Pati Shapta ar o ektu patla ar shada hoa uchit chilo
    Ami pore abar baniyechi patla korar janya ar seta last e update korechi.

    Thanks and will await more such suggestions from you

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  44. Hello Sandeepa,

    ami bangladeshi,deshi style recipe khujchilam, apnar site khub valo legeche. ami already tak dal try korechi. It was sooo tasty, thanks. Apnar writing style darun. amar ma originally from Basirhat, Kolkata. tai apnar rannar style er sathe khub mele. thanks again.

  45. Next time if you are making rice pithe - wash, soak for a while and then roast the rice dry or a griddle. Then crush - resoak with milk

  46. Hi!! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I tried it today. It came out very well... Keep posting more recipes like this.. God bless you...

  47. Hi,

    I have to tell u that i am addicted to your Blog! I am a Punjabi married to a Bengali and living in the US. Needless to say, my training in bong cooking is zilch. I do fortunately know the way most of the delicacies taste (thanks to my mom-in-law who used to take immense pleasure in feeding me when i was in Delhi). You recipes are the closest i can get to that taste.

    Thanks to you, i can surprise my hubby with Bengali food in this alien land!

    Keep posting!

  48. Wonderful recipe..I was just looking for pati shapta recipe to surprise my Mom showing off my capabilities...Thanks for it!

  49. Hi Sandeepa,

    I've been keeping track of your blog from quite sometime :) but hadn't commented on any posts. I'm a konkani married to a bong :)
    Pati Shapta is damn yummy and my husband introduced this dish to me in a pooja pandal last year. I jumped with joy when I found this recipe in your blog. This is on my 'to do list' will def.give u the feed back of my preparation. God Bless.

  50. Hi,

    I wanted to know this URGENTLY- i have previously made pathishapta with suji and maida only , would that be fine. I have made it more than 2 years back so was just wondering the ratio of then 2 that i should use.

    Please help,

  51. Just mess. again so that i can know whn u replied!

  52. Pooh

    I am not sure, you can I guess

  53. Hi Sandeepa!

    I have been using your site for sometime as I love cooking just wanted to say thanx for all these lovely dishes. My husband loves sweets and it was good to see a site having all the recipes!! Once again thanx and keep up the good work!
    Best Wishes,

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  56. Hi Sandeepa!
    great recipe s! I am new in cooking and already learnt how to make patishapta and bhapa pitha last christmas. But do you know how to make our bengali " sweet doi" at home. I tried but its doesnt come out that thick as it is back home.

  57. Dora

    Try this

    Very very easy and delicious

  58. It is a well-known fact that us Bengalis are crazy for our mishti or sweets. bet basketball Not only we love to eat sweets but we love to make sweets too and one such kind of festival when we crave for homemade sweets is called Poush sankranti. Poush sportsbook sankranti or Poush parbon is observed on the auspicious day of Makara sankranti or the last day of Bengali month Poush. Not only in Bengal but in all over India this day is regarded as a very special day and various traditions are followed. march madness Like in south India they celebrate Pongal, in Punjab it is celebrated as Lohri, in Bengal people gather at the holy place of Gangasagar where the river Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal to take dip in the morning. It is believed that by doing so one can get rid of all sins.

  59. Makar Sankranti Recipe are nice and every one like to have it. I had it its very tasty. The process of making dishes are awesome. Makar Sankranti Recipes are there in

  60. hi....i always look up ur recipes whenever i am stuck with ideas. i simply love ur make me nostalgic. all of us have stories and memories but the way u put is amazing.
    sankranti is gone but i am still to make my pithe...ur pati shapta looks absolutely yummy....dont have khoya..will check where i will get some. but i will try it anyway..crepes banate ektu practise lagbe hoitoh. janabo result.

  61. I have been wanting to eat Pati shapta for a long time and was thrilled to find your recipe, but I dont have access to khoya. Do u know what I can use instead.


  62. i tried it on bhai-phonta. it was a big hit... thank you very much. I made a little change in the recipe though. i added some sugar also. approximately 1/4th cup. that change was good.

  63. I visit your blog often...but I have never left a comment.Love your your recipes.I was thinking of trying your patishapta recipe....but the 30 mins needed to make the pur is holding me back:)The excuse I like to give for that is I have a 2yr and a 5yr old.:)Is there a shorter way?

    1. Okay...lets see. 1. Do not make stuffing :) Just make the crepes. Smear the inside with nutella and drizzle with maple syrup or liquid khejur gur.
      2. Instead of coconut stuffing get some peda from the stores. MW with a little milk to soften. It should turn into a soft doughy texture. use that for stuffing.
      3. If you are in the US see my Kalakand recipe. Stop the cooking about 3-4 minutes early when the mix is till soft. This tastes like khoya-kheer and you can use it as a stuffing

  64. Thanks for your suggestions...I will definitely do nutella for my 5 yr old:)And i will try no 3 for us.Your Kalakand recipe looks yummy ( and easy) too!Can't wait to try.Thanks again.

  65. hello s, they came out yummy as usual(i had also tried your malpua recipe which was very very good). thanks so much for sharing your recipes. finally i have a place to go to for bengali home made mishtis that are not typically available anywhere else. btw when my ma made patishaptas at home she never put the condensed milk on top after and i did not either and they taste equally good. I only add some sugar to the crepe mix and a little more sugar to the pur. ANyway, thanks once again....sriradha.

    1. Thanks Sriradha

      Glad you liked it. My Mom does not add condensed milk either, but she does add some sweetened thick milk while serving. I cheat with condensed milk :)

  66. Hi Sandeepa,I just posted my Pati-shapta for ICC now.Thank you so much for the lovely recipe..You are rocking !

  67. Just wanted to let you know that i used your base patishapta recipe for making pithe this sankranthi and the last one...they come out great. Since i didnt have pathali gur, i experimented with molasses...the color and flavor comes out real nice.

  68. Hi, I am a south indian, who recently tasted patisaptha on makarshankaranti day given to me by one of my bengali neighbor. I just loved it and wanted to try.Saw your recipe. I have a doubt. Is it possible to avoid maida? Could you let me know the adjustments for the crepe accordingly?

  69. Hi,I recently tasted patishapta given to me by my bengali neighbor on makarshnkaranti. I loved it. Was searching for the recipe and found your blog. I want to know one thing, is it possible to avoid maida in making the crepe? Could you let me know?

  70. Hi, I absolutely love your recipes...thanks a lot for sharing! I have promised to make patishapta for potluck dinner this week and now I cannot find the recipe on your blog :( I have ordered your book online but it's not going to be delivered before the dinner..Could you please please email me the recipe?:)

    1. Can you share your e-mail ? I can send it there

    2. Thanks for replying! Got your book :)

    3. Thanks for replying! Got your book :) Its awesome, way to go!!!

  71. atlast ...i got this recipe thnx a ton ....


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