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Doma Wang's Prawn Toast -- easy, quick delicious

Doma wang's prawn toast
Prawn Toast

I didn't know Doma Wang until last year. I knew she was from Kalimpong and her restaurant Blue Poppy was famous for its momos and chilli pork, but I didn't "know" know her.

Then last year on Mother's Day, I wanted to send my Mom some food from a restaurant in Kolkata. She was not able to venture out much due to her knee pain and I thought it would be a nice surprise. I also thought it would be easy with these apps like Swiggy, Zomato etc.

Guess what? I couldn't use any of them in India with my US ph#. At this brink of frustration came a very kind restaurateur from Kolkata. Doma Wang who owns a restaurant called Blue Poppy in Middleton row.

She messaged me on FB and took upon herself to deliver food from her restaurant all the way to my Mom's for Mother's Day Lunch..And the food was so delicious. My parents loved the garlic prawn balls, noodles, chili chicken and the momos.

Then last year when I visited Kolkata, on my wish list was to eat at her restaurant. However it did not work out. So I called her to ask if she delivered food. I was desperate to eat her famous momos. The day before I was to leave for the US, she sent me her famous momos and pork sapata. They were so delicious. The pork sapata flew across oceans with me, and the husband-man as well as the girls wre blown away by this dish.

When I saw her and her daughters cooking Prawn Toast during this Quarantine, I knew I had to make this dish. It seemed to be very easy and if it was her recipe I was sure it would be delicious. So last weekend, I made these delicious Prawn Toasts at home. The perfect snack with a cup of tea. I am definitely going to make this as starters for parties too.

It was super easy to make. Just my kind of dish.

Easy, Quick and Delicious

Doma Wang's Prawn Toast

Prawn/Shrimp -- 12. I had frozen medium pawns in my freezer. Defrosted them and chopped them up
Garlic -- 3 fat cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
Green chilies - 2 chopped
Soy Sauce - 1 Tbsp. Add 1 more if needed while making the paste.

For Breading
Egg - 1
Breadcrumbs -- 1 Cup
Salt & Pepper -- to spice the breadcrumbs

4-6 slices of Bread
Vegetable Oil for frying

Chop the prawns, garlic and green chilli roughly. Put them in a blender and make a thick paste. Do not add water. If needed add a wee bit of more soy sauce. The shrimp paste should be thick and smooth, not very chunky.

Now set up a breading station as follows
1. The prawn paste
2. Egg wash -- 1 Egg + 1 Tbsp water beaten well
3. Breadrumbs -- spice your bread crumbs with pepper and seasonings

Cut a bread into 4 squares

Put a layer of prawn paste on on side of the bread. Dip that side in egg wash and then in breadcrumbs. I did not coat the other side of the bread but if you wish you can.

Now heat enough oil for frying. Gently slide the bread pieces into the hot oil. Fry both sides until  golden. Remove and drain excess oil on a kitchen tissue.
I tried both shallow frying and deep frying. Both works but deep frying tasted better while shallow frying was less oily

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  1. yumyumyyum!
    my didinbhai used to make something called gold coin which was similar, but did not have a crumb coating.
    Doma di is awesome!


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