Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blogger Beta Tip for Category

If you are not on Blogger Beta please do not waste your time by reading ahead.

If you are on Blogger Beta but using the new templates with the Widget thingy and the Layout page, forget my post and get on with your life

If you are like me, switched to Blogger Beta but still using the old template for whatever reason, read ahead if you want to.

Blogger beta has Labels a nice thing that lets you categorize your posts. But if you are using an old template there is no way you can add "Categories" on your side bar. I found a simple way to add categories to your sidebar using your labels even in the old templates and so wanted to share it with you guys. Many of you must know this already but if you are still switching to beta this might help
Do this:

Label all your posts with the labels you want. Say you have Label1, Label2, Label3
Open your template for editing.
Go to the code for sidebar
Add the following lines

Add an href="" for Label1 and so on for Label2 and Label3

This will add the categories Label1, Label2, Label3 in the sidebar

If you are using the new Layout in the Blogger Beta the Layout page does this for you. But if you are like me, who are reluctant to move their template because of all the things you need to redo, this is a simple way to use this Blogger Feature

If you have any questions please post a comment


  1. very sweet and considerate of you :)

  2. Good stuff. Perfect for me as I had started applying label but had not spent time on creating the categories.

  3. Sandeepa, thanks for the tip, will sure come in handy,

  4. Wow great! I am definitely in that blogger ctaegory. Thanks for posting abt this. Am going to try it out.

  5. Hi Sandeepa
    Your explanation on categories is excellent.
    You may also look at my contents map or lables. This has been possible with the beta blogger.
    I came to your blog looking for a Hyderabad / AP blogger. Are you one?


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