Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saraswati Pujo or Vasant Panchami


Jaya Jaya Devi
Chara Chara Share
Kucho Jogo Shobhito
Mukta Hare
Beena Ranjita
Pustaka Haste
Bhagwati Bharati
Devi Namastute

Saraswati Pujo, the worship of Goddess Saraswati -- the Goddess of Learning in Hindu Mythology, is a special occasion in Bengal. Every year on the day of Vasanta Panchami the Goddess is worshipped in numerous Bengali homes and also in schools, colleges and social communities. The festival is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the shukla paksha (waxing phase of the moon) of the Magha (around January/February) month of the Indian calendar, on the day called 'Vasant Panchami'
This day is so highly esteemed in Bengal that all centers of learning in Bengal are closed on this day. Students offer their books for worship and are not allowed to do any reading or writing on this day.The predominant colour of this day is yellow or basanti, as a sign of Spring which arrives soon after in India. You can learn more about this festival here.

Though this Puja is associated with a religion or mythology, this is more important because this is an humble way to pay our respect for knowledge and learning

We had a small Saraswati Puja today at home as in the above picture. Seeking blessings from the Learning Goddess for all of us, to give us wisdom, knowledge and a desire to learn and to share our learning.

For a complete Saraswati Pujo menu of Bhog er Khichuri, Labra and Chaatni go to this post and see the recipes.


  1. are those marigolds, sandeepa, beneath the hibiscus?

  2. Nice to know about bengali tradition. nice pic of Saraswati Devi. :)

  3. Sandeepa, we celebrate Saraswathi Pooja during the month of October.
    Nice learning traditions from other parts of India, for a South Indian like me anything beyond that is foreign. Are the flowers from your garden?

  4. Hey Sra,
    First the pink ones are NOT hibiscus, they are pink carnations
    Second, what you thought as marigold are Nariyal Laddus
    I thought posting a recipe of those laddus,we call them "Narkel Naru" maybe I will now :)

    When do you guys have Saraswati Puja

    Yeah I was very surprised to see thet in Bangalore Saraswati Puja was celebrated , after Navratri
    In Bengal this is a very popular festival, not only at home but also outside
    No they are not flowers from garden, my garden has no flowers now, its tooo cold. I have some indoor plants, but not the flowering ones

  5. Nice reading about bngali traditions Sandeepa :)

    For us gujjus also vasant panchami is a big day and people consider it as auspicious day for any good occasion. I got engaged on vasant panchami. :)

  6. Great info Sandeepa! Enjoy the festival!Saraswati pooja is a big deal in K'taka too.I am not religious,so we skip all except two!:)

  7. Coffee
    Congrats so this is your Engagement Anniv. :)

    I am not a very "religious" person also. But for us "Saraswati Pujo" actually means worshipping knowledge and learning so I try to do this at home every year in a very small scale

  8. Good to know about a different tradition. Its a very nice post Sandeepa.
    Happy Vasant Pachami to you and your Family!

  9. Hi Sandeepa,

    Thanks for writing! Wow, a window to Bengali cooking and culture! I'm coming back often then!

  10. Thanks for the lovely post, always great to learn about customs and traditions....god bless...take care dear friend

  11. Sandeepa - you have a nice sharaswati thakurer murti. mine is much smaller. Even I did the pujo yesterday!

  12. I just love your Saraswati idol..its beautiful.


  13. Nidhi, Shilpa, Dilip
    I feel joy sharing these traditions with you all

    Ei murti ami last time anlam Kolkata theke. The idol is carved of wood

    Thanks yaar, though the pic doesn't do full justice it is a nice murti carved of wood

  14. hi sandeepa..
    nice pooja...good to know aboout ur traditions...

  15. Good to know about bengali traditions...Happy vasant panchami to you and your fly sandeepa.

  16. Yes we celebrate it in october too. nice to know abt ur traditions.and those nariyal ladoos tempt me.

  17. Love your Saraswathi idol and nice to read about your customs. We celebrate Saraswathi puja during Dusshera. Don't you love how varied our customs are - different rituals by different people but all under one umbrella of Hinduism. Beautiful! :)

  18. Thank you for sharing with us about this tradition. I truly enjoy learning about it! :)

  19. Swapna, Sri, Prema, Vani, Sher
    Thanks to all of you. I really thought most of you know about this festival, now that you say it's different for all of you it feels nice sharing :)

  20. ahhh sandeepa... that saraswati idol is divine... we too celebrate saraswti pooja in october


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