Sunday, December 09, 2007

Yogurt Parfait with Dates

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Weekend is over, it is cold & drizzling out,

3 loads of laundry -- done,
3 dishes cooked for the week -- done,
tomorrows lunch -- done,
the bathroom scrubbed – partly done,

a dinner attended -- done,
Ma-in-laws birthday celebrated -- done,
3 rounds of grocery stores -- done,
Dump the daughter on the hubby – done kind of,

Indian Chinese Restaurant for lunch -- done,
Called up home – done
Found a 24” suitcase for a friend – done
Scour the hardware store to find the perfect color for basement wall – still searching

A single serving of yogurt parfait to be done for the blog -- done
Take the shot -- done
Shared the parfait with D and S (there was only a single serving remember) -- done
Blogging -- waiting

Yogurt parfait with dates and pomegranate

Get some thick yogurt

Drain the whey by doling out the yogurt on a sieve and letting it drain. If you don’t have a sieve use a colander lined with cheesecloth

Add figs and raisins on the bottom layer

Add half the yogurt

Drizzle some honey

Add rest of the yogurt

Add chopped dates, pomegranate seeds, honey and a sprinkle of flax seeds

Refrigerate and serve chilled after an hour

Use any other fruits and layer according to your choice

Blogging -- DONE !!!. This goes to Chandrika for AFAM -- Dates. Heard she is still accepting entries, is she...


  1. That was hilarious :-)Well said. Don't we do some million things during the weekends? Weekdays seems so much better. What type of yougurt do you use for this ? Fat-free, low-fat, plain, vanilla ?

  2. Hi Sandeepa,

    Splendid! I am awed by the striking similarity in deliverables, but am laughing at my laziness, as I have consciously pushed quite a few ones to the next week.

    Seems you are a 'little too tired'. I think you need a chilled out feet up weekend to unwind and relax, before christmas celebrations start off.

    Me being in India, will simple sweetened dahi do for a yoghurt?

  3. I can't even think of one useful thing done over this weekend...

  4. Action packed is how our weekends are!!!!
    Last year was bad with me trying to juggle everything, but this year the moment I feel tired I take a break- keeps me sane and the house without some loud shouting ;)

    The parfait looks splendid and juicy and I actually seem to have all the ingeredients!!

  5. I prefer this kind of food to ice cream. It's my favorite kind of dessert. And your pictures!! Heaven!

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  7. my to-do list is very similar but the difference is most of my things remaind "yet to be done".

  8. The weekend goes by so quick! Lovely parfait, would be fun to have it while sitting in the bed, quilts and all :-D.

  9. I am impressed by how productive you are Sandeepa.

    Thank you so much for a super-simple recipe! The least work involved in preparing food, the more I like it. And it looks tasty too. (Has anybody in foodieworld done an event "Cooking for dummies like me"?

  10. Oh I am tired just reading it. Think I will go to bed now.

    Just joking. I am impressed! and such a great dessert too.


  11. Hey sandeepa
    I am still laughing, all my things on the list are carried over from this weekend to next,next,next.
    Looks like you are very tired dear!! Nice refreshing dessert

  12. Ha ha ha! You seem to have been blogging more frequently than recently, actually. I go away for a week and come back to find three posts already!

  13. Yogurt Parfait with Dates would be a lovely way to enjoy the end to the weekend after all that hard work.

  14. I make a similar list for weekend and I pester my husband until I'm "DONE". Few things he has to complete;). Love the recipe.

  15. RC
    You are right, weekends here are pretty stressful :) And still I look forward to Friday.
    RC, I used Greek Yougurt Plain. But I have also used the Indian Desi dahi so it is your choice

    Oh no, I am fine. It is almost the same every weekend and thankfully I did not have to invite anyone so that was good. Sometimes socializing gets on your nerves ;-)

    Just use home made dahi, sweeten it with honey as I mentioned. Don't buy the sweetened one. Try having this instead of a sundae, much healthier

    Thats because you did it during the week like agood girl :)

    The problem if I take a break I worry more, so I feel more relaxed if I am done with my chores. Sometimes though i try to finish stuff on Thu-Fri so that weekend is more relaxing

    yes, isn't it delicious ?

    ha ,ha....there are still things not done, only I didn't post them here :)

    yes, and someone to serve me in bed and then take the dishes away and put them in the dishwasher too while I don't move my rear end from the quilt ;-)

    You are no dummy. Why don't you give us your sheer-korma recipe ? And yes I like recipes that are simple to follow too.
    You will hardly see me cook complicated stuff. i am awed by bloggers who do that


    yes me too :) tired, not impressed


    Not really tired. isn't it same for most of us, more so when there are kids around. I would hardly do these stuff before S was born


    Are you back or blogging from vacation ? Got inspired by Manisha but as you see could not keep up

    Enjoy the weekend or not don't know but definitely a healthy way to have your dessert

    Yes I make atBD list for both of us :)

  16. You, too, with the pomegranates, Sandeepa! I used bottled imported molasses in my last recipe, but you can create your own with juice and sugar boiled down to syrup. That's a light and yummy mix of flavors w/ little guilt.

    I see I'm not the only one who hops from grocer to grocer. I went to three over the weekend myself! LOL!

  17. tomar macher chop aar yogurt parfait.. both look fantabulous :) Doesn't it feel good to say "check" or done! For me it is Reply to blog comments...waiting :)

  18. thats one cool post with a cool recipe...but I cant think of doing so many stuff on a weekend...!!!!

  19. Hey was funny reading the chores u did. I could recogonise myself in it ;-))
    But this weekend i didn't do all of it. Still have loads of ironing to do.Love the Parfait. Looks refreshing and delicious

  20. Wow, superwoman... that is a lot of things checked off in one weekend... :) My weekend was over by the time I blinked, and my list reads -
    Make a task list - Not done


  21. Too good!
    Weekends are packed, aren't they!!! Hate mondays!!

  22. This is really treat fo rme. Love yogurt and dates. A healthy breakfast or a snack.. this is perfect for me. Thanx for sharing.
    Beautiful pictures too.

  23. Sandeepa, haha, you are such a superwoman! We (a friend and I) just discussed the other day how our life will change after marriage and babies. You defenitely provide me some insight in this post!

  24. Nice one!! Love the way you wrote it & made me laugh.. this is how my weekend was too.. I had one thing more - scream at kids to get them to clean up their room !

  25. yogurt parfait lookssss sooo goodddd and perfect forrr healthy breakfastttt

  26. long list of weekend tasks, huh? :) but hey, you did them all -well, almost all but that's great! :) The parfait looks delish! Love the backgound play of colors with the cream and pink. Saree? Dupatta?
    The baked fish chops look really yum too.

  27. Hi Sandeepa, Indian Chinese Restaurant for lunch???!!!! You lucky you!! :-) I looove Indian Chinese food, too bad none of the restaurants around have it.
    Yogurt Parfiat looks lovely.

  28. Well wonderwoman you make wonders happen. Lovely dessert!

  29. A healthy nutritious and yummy entry- love the addition of pomegranates to it. Pomegranates are in season rite now- we usually try to get as many fresh ones as we can during this time.

  30. You manage to complete so much work in just one weekend??!?!?!? thats gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'd hv taken me handful of weekends to get done with that much work :))

    Parfait looks lovely!!!

  31. Nice post Sandeepa. The yoghurt with fruit is appetizing. Loved that Tur Dhal chutney too. Viji

  32. I don't do anything on weekends. If I cook, the hubby shd feel happy!! I'm more active on weekdays. Yoghurt looks great!

    A quick question, did you plump the figs and raisins or add them just like that??

  33. this looks awesome.......i am not much of a sweet-tooth but i know someone in my household who'd appreciate this :)

  34. Yeah...weekends are too full of chores, especially the laundry least fav job in the world...any advice about how to make it interesting and have a cheerful disposition like you :) ? That's why I am going to miss my grad life because I can work (ahem!) from home on weekdays sometimes and everything seems calmer.

    Lovely photograph and parfait.

  35. i liked the touch of flax seeds which is very high in Omega-3...easy and simple...

  36. Sandeepa, you've missed your calling in life. You should have been a food photographer. This was an awesome picture. Straight off TV or newspaper classy ads. I always marvel at your creatively composed photos. I loved the one of little S's hands, shadow and light, to show her 'colour' and of course your banner is amazing too. But I loved this latest picture.

  37. I like the recipe and I *love* the list.

    Relate to Sandeepa's post: done! ;)

  38. Woman, you lead a busy life! :) Next time, make sure you make a whole tub of this parfait for yourself!

  39. Lovely combinations! I have missed so many beautiful posts..... most of all, your rants about lil S! Have a wonderful yr ahead Sandeepa!

  40. dear sandeepa,
    lovely entry for the event ,this desert looks so yum.
    dekhe khete iche korche.
    wish you and your family happy new year.
    hugs and smiles

  41. I love the way you write. I worked in kolkata for 1 year, my laws are from there (gujju's) but have never tasted bong food as i always thought of it to be fish delicacies. Love to hear some vegetarian bong dishes from you.

    Thanks for sharing

  42. Delicious! Not very hard to make and tastes very nice. Why don't more people talk about the food?!

  43. Hi sandeepa
    yogurt looks tempting!!

  44. i have found new love to fruity yogurt these days:)
    happy new yr san...i know its belated;)

  45. I can think of a zillion things that can be done over the weekend .... taking the essence of the weekend:(

  46. Your blog is so fun and delicious! We absolutely love your pommegranite addition to the parfait, perfect! The photography is just beautiful!

  47. Fabulous sugar...more honey and to top it all flax seeds and pomegranate seeds...hats off to you. I have a packet of flax seeds and flax seed powder at home and now I have a recipe that allows me to reach out to those packets. Thanks a tonne.


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