Friday, August 21, 2009

Bhapa Doi -- Steamed Sweet Yogurt


August is a month of celebration and merriment around home. It is also a time to take a breather from the pursuit of happiness and be happy with what already exists. The last year has been a hard one for us and maybe one day when I am at peace with the situation I will write about it.

But one thing I have learned in the process. When you are shattered and don't have control over destiny, non-atheists like me pray. They pray with all their might, asking God to settle things, to make whatever is going wrong right, to solve the problem. God does not necessarily listen but all that praying lends courage to otherwise scared souls and you learn to survive, to take things in your stride and most of all to accept if you are unable to make the change.

As time passes you realize that situations do not go on reverse and solve themselves, miracles don't happen but you just learn to accept whatever has been doled out to you and you try to make the best out of it. If Time does not heal it at least mutes the pain and that in itself is a miracle.

Now on a more cheery note back to the merriment. Hot and humid August is perfect time to let go of the worries and sink into blissful indulgence. Summer does that to you. Nature is so giving and earth is smelling so sweet, how can one not be happy to just be hanging around.

To celebrate the month with us we have friends popping in and out almost all weekends. Friends who have been a partner in the pain and now deserve a share of happiness, friends who have not been burdened with our worries and yet deserve a share of sweet luscious Bhapa Doi.


Bhapa Doi which was made this time around with delicious Oikos Greek Yogurt from Stonyfield Farms. Anyone who has kids would be familiar with the Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby organic yogurts. That was the staple yogurt for Big Sis S until of course she discovered Natural Desi dahi and now slowly Baby A is getting her taste of Yo Baby yogurts.

The greek yogurt from Stonyfield Farms is a delight, the ones with honey is now almost a lunch time staple for me. With the plain I decided to make the much loved Bhapa Doi. The Sweet steamed yogurt or Bhapa Doi as we say in Bengali came out much more creamier than usual, thanks to Oikos Greek Yogurt. In fact even with a Non-fat version of the Greek yogurt this dessert came out more than perfect

This is a very simple dessert to make, something you can make even when you are thinking "Oh I haven't made any dessert" and the guests ring the bell. It is so easy that your 5 year old can make it, only he/she shouldn't 'coz it involves a hot oven.


Bhapa Doi

Mix about 1 can of condensed Milk, 1 cup of Evaporated Milk, 1 cup of Greek Yogurt. Beat with a hand mixer or in the blender till nice and frothy. Pour in a baking dish.
Note: This time around to add my own twist, I scooped out half a ripe mango and added it. Use a little less than 1 can of condensed milk if you don't like it very sweet.

Update on 08/29/09 : Also if you do not have greek yogurt you can use regular full fat plain yogurt but the measurements may vary. Today I made a Bhapa Doi again with Whole Milk Plain Yogurt. The measurements were about 1 can of condensed milk + 1 cup Evaporated Milk + 1 cup Full fat plain yogurt. No need to use hung yogurt but I drained out the whey simply by putting the yogurt on a strainer.If you don't like too much sweet, use a little less than 1 can of condensed milk.

Heat Oven to 350 F. Fill a large baking tray with water. Put the baking dish with the mix in it so that water is half way up. Do not cover the baking dish.

After 30 - 35 minutes the yogurt will be set, if not allow a couple more minutes. Take it out and chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Note for double the quantity: If you have started off with more quantity, it will take more time, you will know when the top and edges start browning a little. At this point insert a fork lightly to see if it is done. It might be a little wobbly but cool in the refrigerator for 5-6 hrs or overnight to set completely.

Garnish with saffron strands and serve. Or with the mango flavored one garnish with pieces of fresh ripe sweet mango.

Tip: If you have a small gathering, You can pour the mix in small ramekins and set the bhapa doi in it. Such individual servings look damn cute.

Updated on 08/21: An alternate method to make this dessert is on the stove stop in a double boiler. I am not sure if it can be done in pressure cooker. Check this link for several variations on this dessert

Trivia: Called “yiaourti” in Greece, Greek yogurt is creamier than regular yogurt. It also has twice the protein and fewer carbs than regular yogurt


  1. This looks delicious. Makes me want to have some right now :)
    Is there an alternate method of preparing it in a pressure cooker?

  2. Onek din dhoray was looking for this recipe. After reading this tempted to make this over the weekend.

    And talking of Yo Baby, leave aside my daughter I loved their Yo Baby vanilla flavour to death. :-)

  3. Glad things are settling down for you/that you are accepting them - that's very important, I pray that I can come around to rationalising it somehow so that it doesn't seem painful or unfair or 'Why Me'?

    I've had aam doi in a restaurant in Cal - v nice.

  4. Sandeepa, yes, it's nice to know that you have found the strength to face things and move on.

    As for the bhapa doi, i had no idea it was that easy. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely try it.It's one of my favourites ~:-)

  5. You make doi? How cool is that?

    Luckily we have a chain called Sweet Bengal at Mumbai which makes a decent mishti doi.

    But my dad used to make rosho malai when he was in the UK in the seventies, including for my onnoprashan

    And yes, time heals... hang in there :)

  6. The begining paras of your post are just what I needed now. :-)
    Donate doi pujo barir moton dekhacche. :-)

  7. Wow! You have read my mind. This is what I do exactly when trouble trubles me :) This steamed yogurt looks wonderful. Dos it taste tangy ? I have never tried steaming yougurt! I love the version with mangoes anyway :)

  8. Thats a unique dessert. I never heard of it before. Lovely look too. Made with yogurt another dessert which I love to have is Srikhand

  9. Sandeepa, that is what I do too. Call God when all else fails and it usually works. Teaches me everytime that God is more broad hearted than we humans! But glad to hear that your situation is getting under control.

    As for this sweet, it is looks delicious and try I will when the dog days of summer are behind us. The main reason being I have loads of sweets still languishing from the trip.

  10. That seems easy enough.....thanks for the recipe, Sandeepa.

  11. Believe in God or not, praying is therapeutic. Hope things work out, San. Hang in there, hon!

    BHapa Doi looks great!

  12. Sandeepa,
    Am not sure whether I'll get Greek yogurt here in India. At least I didn't come across them while on my visit to the departmental store nearby. So it would be of great help if you can tell me what to use in place of the Greek yogurt. Can mishti doi be a substitute?

  13. This is something new to me, never knew we could steam the yogurt..interesting, thanks for sharing

  14. You have written is so well Sandeepa. I have had my life changing event few years back.. the thought of it still makes me shiver, but yes there are no miracles, we have to accept whatever destiny gives us.. I have learnt a lot but it scares me too.. to think that there are no miracles.

    Comforting recipe. Stony field rocks:-)

  15. Looks wonderful! I'd love to try this!
    I am thinking of introducing flavored yogurt for my 15 month old, Yo baby sounds perfect..

    Glad things are settling down and the sun is shining again, I'm sure it will stay that way... :)

  16. Hi Sandeepa, steamed yogurt lesson was nice to read. I'm wishing for you to find all the peace and comfort you deserve.

  17. Oh...dekhei khete iche korche. Will try to get hold of this greek yogurt and make this.I have been visiting your blog since last one year...and have tried some of your bengali recipes as well. I started blogging a month back, and I received some awards which I would like to share with you. You deserve them much more than me. please collect the awards from my blog :) thanks.

  18. Thanks Everyone for all your comments

    I have mentioned in the recipe that full fat plain yogurt can be substituted for Greek Yogurt. Also please check the link I have provided for more variations on making this dessert

  19. hi Sandeepa, I've got some eelisher deem at home. Any suggestions on what to make byond bora?

  20. HI Sandeepa,
    Just sent you a mail at your gmail id, would be glad to get a reply from you soon.
    Take care,

  21. Sounds totally yummy - a no no for me since I am diabetic but I'm going to make it for the kids :)
    BTW shaalpatar baati ta banaley kemon korey ?

  22. the final dish doesn't look like it was made from yogurt. looks so rich and yumm.

  23. Thanks for sharing how to make Bhapa Doi! It looks really tasty and rich!

  24. Eve's Lungs

    Baba last year Kokkata theke niye esheche, solely for chobi tola ;-)

  25. However road may be those who move ahead will succeed in life....think positive and be positive.....Very very very new to me recipe to me....looks simple and yum....

  26. I have been thinking about making this for so long now... you've given me the impetus. Looks fantastic!

  27. Yogurt is a staple and a favourite in our home? A Palakkad iyer without "curd rice"? :)

    I've had this version but never made it at home. Is there a way to do this without the condensed milk? Perhaps using simmered and reduced milk?

  28. you have a nice blog with various recipes. You can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments.

  29. Thanks for answering my question, Sandeepa.

    And here's my rather late reply about the basil. :)

    You should try it if you haven't. A lot of Italian cooking uses basil. You could try using Holy Basil (its edible), but I never have.
    I'm guessing different varieties must be available where you live. Otherwise buy some seeds and sow them in a pot. They grow very well and profusely.

  30. I live in India and evaporated milk is hard to find. How can I modify your recipe for Bhapa Doi?

    And thank you for sharing all your wonderful Bengali recipes.


  31. Roma

    Option 1: Use 1 can condensed milk and rest substitute with yogurt

    Option 2: Instead of evaporated milk use 1 cup of whole milk(with the cream) or 1 cup of cream

  32. i made it with krinos plain yogurt and it was delicious! even my mallu husband ( with no concept of sweet yogurt back home and a generalised aversion towards sweet things) just couldnt stop licking!!

  33. great blog...
    tried out ur spicy egg turned out very good
    is mishti doi and bhapa doi one and the same thing??
    as far as i have understood from the various recipes i hav seen(and i shud mention i have never tasted either of these dishes)mishti doi is adding a little curds to sweetened milk and letting it set whereas bhapadoi is steaming or baking yoghurt after sweetening i right??...oh, and i would love to know how to make the steamed version of this

  34. Hi Anon

    I have never made mishti doi but only had it outside. I think you are right,sweetening milk and then setting should be mishti doi

    Bhapa means steamed. It is NOT just sweetening yogurt and steaming, it is mixing thickened and sweetened milk with yogurt and then steaming to set like say as in a pudding.

    You can make the steamed version in a regular steamer, in a double boiler or in the pressure cooker without the weight

  35. Cannot get enough of the stuff.. my favorite dessert.. havent tried making it though.. :)

  36. Just made it this evening. It's still cooling in the fridge but I had to dig out a scoop before A's bedtime and mmmmm - heavenly!! Thank you for yet another super-easy and delicious dessert!

  37. Bhapa Doi is an age-old bengali dish that was present even before we Bengalis had dreamt of "condensed milk"or had been acquainted with "greek Yogurt", baking ovens and suchlike. It is sad that today recipie makers like you are promoting these alien methods and ingredients of cooking instead of trying to preserve the old traditional ways.Well, suit yourself anyways..

  38. Bhool_ka_doc

    Yeah it is really sad isn't it ? At least that way I am getting to eat my favorite dessert though :)

  39. Hi Sandeepa,
    I was never a fan of misti doi but decided to try this out anyway for my husbands sake. It was a smash hit all round. Anybody who had it was an instant fan. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  40. Hi
    Are Bhapa DOi and Mishti Doi Same??
    I had Mishti Doi at a friends house..and loved it...I an glad I can try it now..
    WE do not need to keep the oven on while the dish is in it?? just wanted to confirm!

  41. Anon

    Bhapa doi is a little different from Mishti Doi. taste is close but method is different.
    You have to keep the OVEN on. Please read the recipe carefully.

  42. Made this earlier in the week and it turned out so well I'm presenting an encore tonight! Will tell everyone where I found the recipe after I've enjoyed the temporary boost to my status as a cook for a few days!

    Many thanks for sharing this recipe...and wish you a fantastic 2012 filled with tasty morsels of joy!

  43. hi

    do i have to keep the oven on at 350Df for 30-35 min or switch it off after it reaches 350 degree..

  44. This bhapa doi recipe is close to what I make. I also make misti doi at home, using milk thickened in the traditional way. I use caramelised sugar to sweeten the milk, and I set the curd as soon as the milk loses the steam but is still warm, using a generous helping of sour curd to set it, more than you would use for ordinary curd. I put the bowl the in my oven preheated to 100 degree C, but DO NOT keep the oven on. It usually takes one night to set, but sometimes in cooler weather it may take much, much longer. The thing is not to panic and allow the misti doi as much time as it needs to set!

  45. Oh, those Greek yoghurts. You're right - they're a lunchtime staple for me too.

  46. Oh Mom, you are awesome!
    Thanks for the recipe. We often hit this grand dessert for our weekend bengali party. People just love it!!!

  47. I loved your recipe and it came out very well and my husband and guests liked it.
    I wanted to know if it can be made witout the condensed milk.


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