Friday, August 13, 2010

Roasted Tomato and Basil Sauce -- step by step not

Have I told you that the parents have gone back home where they can drink their tea in peace while listening to Robindrosangeet leaving behind
(a) Tomatoes growing in abundance
(b) Two cranky kids missing their grandparents
(c) and an acute shortage of time for me

Have I told you I am so messed up right now that the one day I mange to reach the gym I arrive there in my flip-flops ?

Have I told you that no one thinks I am a super mom, not my mom, not the husband's mom, not the kid's mom, not the husband's mom...ok I repeat.

If I have how did you ever expect that you will see step-by-step pics of food getting cooked here.

Don't you think your expectations are lofty, your aspirations are sky high and you might actually do good if you write the GMAT than browse through my page ?

So the bottom line is there is no Step-by Step pic, there are few steps, all others are missing.

And really this is a very simple recipe, not even a recipe actually, tomatoes thrown together to be blended and roasted before they are thrown together and sun-dried tomatoes and basil added before they are blended and red ripe juicy tomatoes picked from my very own tiny veggie patch before they are roasted. You get the drift ? Now go ahead and make it.

This is a beautiful sauce that you can toss your pasta in. My girls adore it and that is something. I make the pasta like this, you do your own way. And please do remember I use my small toaster oven for such things in small quantity, so my temp settings might be different, be careful about your own oven settings.

Soak about 1 cup of coarsely chopped sun dried tomatoes in hot water for 30 minutes or more till it softens

Chop & Roast two plump juicy red tomatoes and 5 cloves of garlic drizzled liberally with olive oil and generously dusted with garlic pepper powder and salt till the tomatoes are well roasted. Be careful, do not burn them. In my toaster oven, I had the temp at 400F and it took me about 30-35 minutes.

Cool and in a blender add
roasted tomatoes with garlic, oil and everything,
sun dried tomatoes that are now softened
Blend to make a paste

Add some fresh basil. Blend with above to make a fragrant Tomato Basil Paste.

If the tomatoes are not sweet, and you think the paste is a bit tart for your paste, add a little sugar when you are using it.

Cool and store in the refrigerator. Till date I have kept such pate for 7-10 days. While tossing Pasta make the sauce more liquid by adding pasta water like here or add some olive oil.


  1. I had been waiting for your post .... now I know what took you so long :)
    I love this sauce.... have book marked it.

    Do stop by my blog whenever u find some time.


  2. Every mom is a super mom Sandeepa and you are ONE too. :) the sauce sounds so simple yet so yummy. will make a batch soon.


  3. Who said you are not super mom, you have a full time job and then youhave two young kids not to metnion a husband you have to take care, of course you are.
    I didn't know your parents like Robindrosangeet I would have copied a CD and send it to you from Six seasons from Tagore music which Hans plays. If you want I can still send it to you.
    I love roasted tomatoes in everything and this just looks so so good.

  4. An almost step-by-step picture thingy going on there and yeah, flip flops or not, you sure are super-mom! Coz you are still managing to post recipes and fit in a prologue to the post too! And found time to go to the gym?!! You super-duper mom, you! :)

  5. Siri & HC

    Oh No, we Moms are happy to be normal. Super Mom is too much pressure ;-)


    If the CD has your husband's playing on it ,definitely. Every Bong claims they love RobindroSangeet.

    Will do

  6. Vani

    All that leisure of the past 6 months is telling on me now. My arm aches man and the little one has gotten used to being carried around !!! I went to the gym to see if I could do anything to get more energy back ;-) and you know how the gyms have a childcare :-D

  7. Sandeepa,
    Take your time and You DONOT need to prove anything just to be ..
    Kids will be alright I do hope ..ora Dadu and Didima ke miss korche ekto time nebe, school khole jabe sab theek hoye jabe..
    Eyi sauce Ta te adding dried oregano nahole dried mixed herb dile, besh kena-2 lagbe..
    Amaar meyer O pasta bhalo lagey..
    hugs and smiles

  8. Awwww... I hate leaving my mom and would hate having my mom leave me :( and even though there are no step-by-step pictures, there's enough to see this is delicious!

  9. I dont know any other person who is juggling a full time job, a well written blog, a warm home and the responsibilities of two growing kids.for me you are someone to look upto.
    the sauce looks great. I make a similar kind of sauce but thats the instant thing like roasting and blending with herbs. this idea od storing it completely buys me. looks awesome.

  10. I think you have my mail, send me you address, i will send you a copy.

  11. Heyyou , you're supermom and you know it so chill !

    Daarun recipe - can't wait to try it .

  12. Jaya, meeso, sayantani

    You guys are real morale boosters. Honestly I was just kidding about the super mom thing, I mean every Mom does so much and more...that is all I meant.

    Mallika Di

    Tumi o, arre joke korchilam. Super Mom hoye hobey ta ki ? Emniy bollam.
    Amader ei rokom Pasta khub bhalo lage, try koro

  13. That is a gorgeous and delicious looking sauce for pasta :)

  14. Sandeepa all moms are super moms!! u are working full time and being the perfect mom.. who says you are not a super mom?

    Just my kind of pasta sauce. I freeze some of mine too.

    :-( I can imagine how the kids must be missing your parents.

  15. A tip super mom if you reach the gym in flip flops. Do a yoga class and no one will know you goofed up. :) At least that's what I do, on the few occasions I manage to make it to the gym.

    The basil sauce looks yummy. We tried to make it once with equal amounts of cherry tomatoes and basil. It just came out a sad looking greenish, greyish mess. Didn't think of roasting the tomatoes, that is brilliant!

  16. I love this idea of roasting tomatoes in the oven. Super Moms have Super Kids. Then Super/Super gets canceled. So every Mom is only Mom. Now I should get full points for that proof!

  17. Jaya W

    My gym doesn't have yoga classes at all times. When I reached there was this Boot camp class going on which I have never ever attempted, definitely not in my flip-flops !!!

    I added much less basil as compared to tomatoes. I think the sun-dried tomatoes lend that extra flavor too



  18. I know it cannot be a good feeling when parents leave and I can imagine the void you and your kids are feeling. Hugs!
    The closest tomato basil sauce we got was from Costco and I cannot imagine making it at home. Looks good!

  19. Loved all the colour in the post - and the basil looks so good. You're Supermom alright!

  20. All moms are "super" Sandeepa. I like this roasted tomato sauce. Tomatoes are a plenty and I am wondering what to do with all of them. Good problem to have though.

  21. ufff..drool...u crack me up every your style..:D

  22. My ma in law makes this and freezes them. She uses it with pasta, on bread, pizza. Ichche hole paneer e diye daye.

    You are an inspiration to many mums and to be mums like me.

    Hugs to your daughters. I know how it feels to miss Dida Dadu. :-(

  23. Are those your tomatoes!?? They look divine, and so does the sauce. This is the first year I've grown herbs, and I actually have some edible basil. Will try this soon.

    And Sandeepa, for what it's worth, I've always thought of you as super! Super mom, super writer, super cook, super person. And I don't mean the type with a cape and tights either ;)

  24. Yummy!!! This is one amazing paste I have to try - and so easy! :) Now that I have figured out where I can get sun dried tomatoes which are not imported, makes everything easier!

  25. You are a super mum to me the way you have 2 kids to look after and still manage to write all these lovely posts!And I am sure all the people in your family secretly admire you as a super mum too.

  26. Wonderful post and love the way explained. Visit my blog when time permits.


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