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Kolkata Egg Roll -- quick easy version

Vacation over for Big Sis S and kind of for us. Big Sis S proclaimed that it was her best vacation ever and why, 'coz she was allowed to stay up til midnight almost every day of last week. With a party almost every other day, a sleepover, a late night show of "The Princess and the Frog", dancing past midnight on New Year Eve and a birthday bash at her favorite jumping place, no doubt she had fun. It turns out Baby A likes a lot of hullabaloo and jumping. She was sleepy and yet dancing with the older kids on 31st.I had a very relaxed time too, watched "3 Idiots" and ate, ate and ate. Did I say I ate, a lot.

I seriously wanted to go on a diet of nothing but salads from Sunday but then D made these delicious egg rolls and I thought "the salad can wait to add woe to Monday morning blues, why spoil Sunday".

Egg Rolls are the most popular of all street foods in Kolkata. In fact "phuchka"(golgappa) and "egg roll" were the only street food that I was allowed to eat as an angsty teenager. "Phuchka" was more of a girlie kind of a thing and though some of my friends survived on a diet of "phuchka" and "tak water"(sour tamarind water), I wasn't one of them. When it came to egg roll it was another story. I can give anything for the authentic egg roll.

Even now when I go back home, the first thing I reach out for after the jet lag period is the egg roll at the street corner. That upsets my now mollycoddled tummy, I take entroquinols and after the dosage is done, again reach out for the egg roll.

All egg rolls or egg chicken rolls are not created equal and so do not spoil your senses by chomping on a egg roll at a tom-dick-harry place. If in Kolkata go out with a connoisseur to the right place. Hot Kati on the corner of Park Street was my personal favorite. Their rolls were oh so good. My Baba used to get egg roll from a place near home (some branch of Rahmania) which was also great. D's town has its own favorite egg roll stall and they swear by it.Every para(neighborhood) has their own famous egg roll counter and also their very own famous phuchkawala and you need to know the locals for that information.Update 01/07: Jhantu's Roll on the corner of NMC and Brabourne is another one that we would haunt often.

Here in the US, the Kati Roll Company in NYC makes great egg rolls. But everyone does not live in NYC so then what does one do ? You make your own of course. D makes great egg rolls, really really great. Not only me, everyone else who has had it, loves it. It is very close to the authentic one and his version is the quickest and easiest . He uses Kawan Malaysian paratha as the base and so no doubt he serves delicious rolls in less than 6 min flat.

Kolkata style egg roll is the perfect fast food in my imagination. Standing on the corner of a busy city street, biting into an egg roll, tearing the wrapper around, gulping a coke on the way back from work or college is something I would love to do maybe everyday. Ok, except the busy city part, that I don't like.

Get this recipe in my Book coming out soon. Check this blog for further updates. 

Follow this step by step recipe and you can make and enjoy yours too.


Kolkata Style Egg Roll

Buy Malayasian Paratha. This is really IMPORTANT. The quality of the Paratha plays an important part in egg roll. If making your own paratha, make the dough with Maida(All Purpose Flour) and enough shortening so that the paratha is very soft and pliable, You can use tortilla or the regular parathas, but it WILL NOT taste the same. The Malaysian parathas are very soft and make perfect rolls

Heat a tawa or a griddle on the stove. Put the paratha and cook both sides. Remove and keep aside

Beat one egg + 1 tbsp whole milk + little salt

Smear the tawa/griddle/frying pan with little oil and pour the egg. Spread it out in a circle.

Once the egg is a little cooked on the edges, put the paratha on top

When the edges of the egg starts browning flip the paratha + egg.Give it a couple of seconds

Remove and assemble the filing. The filling goes only on the egg side.The standard filing for a Kolkata egg roll is thinly sliced red onions, thinly chopped green chili and thinly sliced cucumber. Squirt a little lime juice on them and put the filling on the center. Add tomato ketchup in a thin squiggly line along the center.

Roll, wrap it up in a foil or any paper, even newsprint and eat.

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Trivia:The egg roll with chicken or other such stuffing is also known as kati roll. Kati roll is street-food originating from Kolkata, India. Its original form was a kati kabab enclosed in a paratha, but over the years many variants have evolved all of which now go under the generic name of Kati Roll.


  1. I want some right now!!
    Body parts refused to cooperate this morning, but somehow made it to DD's bus-stop on time.

  2. Phew! With the holiday, everything went without timing... Seems everyone had fun on 31st!
    I make it as a snack.

  3. Happy New Year Sandeepa!!

    You used the Malaysian parathas? How cool? edike ami eto koshto kore kore layer kore barite parota baniye eggroll banayi..and use tortilla when i get lazy. never thought of using these. these are just perfect!!

    Park Street er Hot Kati used to be our life saver. Xaviers theke beriye bus stop e pounchate ekta roll khetei hoto.. i would save all my pocket money for this place (chicken roll used to be 10 bucks only!)
    not happy that vacation is over:-(

  4. oh thank you thank you.....This is so good...i always mess up making this one..tell me though..can I use flour tortilla?

  5. JW

    Flour Tortilla will work but you really need a paratha to get that taste :) Are you in the US ? You will get this paratha at the Indian or Asian store. If not use Tortilla

  6. these look so delicious that my mouth is watering! i made them just before christmas using tortillas instead of parathas and they turned out good :)
    ps - i love your blog (and so does my mom!!)

  7. Yum! If i start eating eggs again, an egg roll is what I'll make first

  8. New and interesting egg roll...really mouthwatering..

  9. Hmm, I had the other street stuff when I went to Cal, not the egg roll or the puchka - we couldn't find an egg roll stall, and we had other chaat. But all the street food we tried was good.

  10. I love these rolls, made them long ago and now seeing this i wan them.
    Oh yeah here to too I ate and ate, i think in the holidays i have gone a size up in my trousers ;-)

  11. Foregot to say Happy Newyear.

  12. Happy New Year Sandeepa.... and surely a nostalgic post.

    My best memories of Rolls per se are Double egg-Double Chicken(soul food or comfort food, u can call it by any name) from Campari, a corner shop near Gariahat, or Mutton/Fish Tikka roll from Badshah, again a small kiosk near Gariahat. Hot Kathi Roll from Park Street comes next, but all have their distinctive taste, character as well as loyal crowd.

  13. Hey Sandeepa,

    I just had rolls at Hot kati when I went to cal for dadu's birthday. Grew up on egg rolls. I had a working mom. She would leave Rs 1.50 with me to have egg rolls from the neighbourhood guy after school. Mutton wasn't allowed. Expensive. Suspect meat.

    Birthday parties would be egg rolls and choc pastries from Jalojog.

    I would occasionally save up and have mutton rolls.

    Now I am in mid thirties but still don't have the courage to say Mama don't preach. But I always have mutton rolls. She can't see what I am doing in another city can she :)

    I was introduced to fried onions by this non bengali roll maker who opened shop in our suburb in Calcutta. This was a practice he carried from Central calcutta. I realised that they taste much better than raw onions. Slightly sweet and caramelised. A better idea to munch on these specially if you hope to get lucky.

    Gosh, I think I'll write a post on this.

    Its fantastic that you can make rolls. I buy Sumeru frozen Malabar parathas and make nice chicken rolls with them. I think I'll surprise k and make some today.

    In Bombay I go to frankie stores and ask them no to put curry to get something close to egg rolls.

    Otherwise Hangla is very good. only mutton and egg though. Chicken sucks.

    My favourites in cal would be Hot Kati (not Kusum), badhsah, the Bedwin ones are not bad... and khiri rolls from Nizam from another lifetime

  14. I rarely had phuchkas in cal. Girly? Mom's hygiene misgivings.

    In fact I had it only once in Presi. WITH some girls. The phuchka guy was their usual haunt apparently. Supports your thesis sandeepa.

    Now eat phuchkas like mad when I go back. And get subsitutes in Bomba by asking paani puri guys to skip sweet water, onions and to put khatta paani and potatoes


  15. Soma, Hot Kati roll motton roll was Rs 40 a month back

  16. This is just a pointless comment to say how excited I was to read about egg rolls...ended up flooding your comments page :)

  17. Indo

    We were very late yesterday. Thankfully S's bus came late due to some snag :)


    Your gravtar is so so pretty -- just like you. I like this longer hair you.


    Ha ha khatni'r kaaj ami rarely kori ;-)


    Thank You :)


    You are off eggs ?


    Thanks :)


    Chaat is not really the typical Calcutta street food. Now cultures mingle so I guess everyone eats and makes everything but chaat stalls in Kolkata were rare when we were kids


    :) :)


    Happy new year to you too. And thanks for the suggestions. I have never had roll at Campari but heard that it was real good.


    You should do a post on Coffee House now. Not great food really but we would often go for chicken pakoda and the ambiance and the Rupa next door (not to forget Dasgupta and others)

  18. I just finished eating this! Great recipe, thanks!

  19. Hi Sandeepa,
    Wish you a very Happy New Year.

    Thank you so much for putting my blog post link. Egg rolls are always mouth watering. :)

  20. Sandeepa, look what you did.:) After reading your post I made chicken rolls. Then wrote about them late into the night. Linked your egg roll post there.

    Coffee House? That brings back memories. I think the scene had moved away from Coffee House in our college. The Presidency Canteen was our hangout. I wrote about that once. Here's the link in case there are any common memories

    But I do have enough Coffee House, Paradise, Tasty and Putiram memories to write about too. Perhaps I should hit College Street with a camera the next time I am there.

    BTW there was a meaningless, roaring controversy about the credits of 3 Idiots here.

  21. Eggroll haate niye 219 er pechhone chhutchhi Bidhan SoroNi dhore........thakur dekhte beriyechhi Sujata aar aami roll khachhi, dokane chhotokhaato bhiR jome gechhe Sujata ke dekhar jonyo......shesh kamoRer dike jotoi egoi, tomato sauce e makhamakhi angul, toptop kore poRchhe patla ebong aprotul kagojer aboroN theke, kaku aar ekta kagoj dinna, praNpoNe mukh muchhi aar bhabchhi, he bhogobaan ei muhurte chheleta jeno aamake dekhte na paay.......

    aamar next weekend er project.

  22. Wow, I am going to make this into a breakfast dish for sure! This is too good, I love it!

  23. those sure look perfect! And it has kicked off a craving for egg rolls now. Used to have them at Park Street very very often many many years ago! Nothing like Cal egg rolls and kathi rolls.

  24. this sure looks great..good idea of making these into rolls..wishing you a happy new year !!

  25. Awesome recipe and great pictures. Even though I am not fond of eggs, the pictures alone are tempting me to try it. Love the way this has been jazzed up with the raw onions and the ketchup.

  26. Anon

    Aren't they ?


    Paradise na Paramount ?

    Ki shundor bangla lekho tumi


    I am sure you will like it


    So true :)




    Aww thanks so much

  27. thats my wont believe everytime am in Kolkata I eat it everyday. your look awesome. sure your daughter have loved eating this.

  28. Looks like babies had a great time partying!!HeHe!!

    Yes, I am finally back, not like before but I will try my best. Happy new year to you and family! :)

    Fab brunch item, roll is easy, tasty and healthy with eggs.

    Have fun there. I read that "3 Idiots" movie is not that good. I saw a snippet of trailer, was okay, dancing and all that.

  29. ooh- these look yum!! I miss Kati rolls, so will definitely try them.
    When I was an unmarried grad student on the east coast, my roommates and I would ask any friends going to NJ to get a few packets of the kawan parathas for us. They were soo yum! Here, on the west coast I've found malabar parathas in the Indian store, which also might work..They are soft and flaky like the malaysian ones.

    Thanks for the recipe, Sandeepa!

  30. Hi! These type of egg rolls looks so tasty. I can't eat onions or chilies so I am going to fill them with ham and cheese or steak and potatoes or almost anything will taste good inside!! Thank you so much!!

  31. Could not resist putting in this bit.

    If anyone is from Lady Brabourne or Calcutta National Medical College, who can forget Jhantu da's Veg roll @ Rs 1.80. My son does not believe, he thinks I have got the decimal @ a wrong place, it should be 18/-

  32. Sandeepa...the exotic shorbot place...Paramount ki?

    Bong working mom...I have had rolls at 1.5. Quite sure it wasn't fifteen :)

  33. Looks very tempting! And the omelettes look perfect!

  34. Been reading your blog for a little while now. Problem is, bhishon khide peye jaye ekhaane aashlei, and today was no exception. To make things worse, Im on a virtuous no carb diet today. Jeeve jol eshe gelo ei post ta pore :P

  35. BWM

    Ufff, Jhantu'r Roll ki kore bule gelam. Thank God mone koriye dile, ekhuni post update korbo

  36. Hi Sandeepa, Thanks for the message at my blog! I just saw the egg roll recipe last evening and emailed it to my husband for our "recipes to make" list! Thanks for posting; I'm excited to try replicating these. Haven't had egg rolls since Kati Roll days in NYC! (Tried getting some in Kolkata but the stand was closed and we went for dal tarka instead - also yummy. Next time! I think my inlaws favorite egg-roll place is in Gariahat, forgot the name.

  37. Whoo, Kolkata Egg rolls look gorgeous very appetizing....very positive...this shld taste great:) Wanna grab some from the screen':)

  38. Sandeepa, I came here blog hopping and I was drooling over your egg rolls yday. Just couldnt resist and I made it last night for dinner. It was awesome..just awesome! What a splendid idea to eat the Kawan paratha with egg. This almost tasted like a my family has named it Kawan frankie now.
    Thanks so much for the recipe..

  39. I have only heard of these but after this post of yours, I can understand your hankering for them.

    A belated Happy New Year wish to you and family.

  40. Am making this tonight! Looks pretty!

  41. Hi, first time here. So beautiful blog authentic recipes. This Egg Roll is so simple but interesting! Will try it soon and let u know. Thanks for sharing. :)

  42. wow dying for an egg roll RIGHT NOW! nothing like the ones in calcutta! the egg rolls at panditya place market are great too - cant stop with just one! in bangalore when the craving increases and laziness diminishes - i make them at home ...and eat them out of newspaper to get the right feel!

  43. Hi Sandeepa,
    I tried this Calcultta Rolls recipe and the outcome was very droolicious. This recipe has found a regular spot in our kitchen now. Thanks a lot. I have posted the recipe on my blog with credits to your site. Thank you!

  44. Hi Sandeepa,

    Awesome recipe. I followed it to the dot for dinner today. Just yum!! No need for any modifications. Thanks!!!

    Best wishes!

  45. Hi Sandipa,

    egg roll looks amazing...amio eibhabei kori egg roll and those packet parathas really do make them taste soooooooooo yummy don't they :)...baritey banaleo oi pefect taste-ta ashe na joto na eigulo use korle ashey :)...tomar blog dekhle koto kichhu shekha jai...thanks a ton :)

  46. Thanks a lot for this quick & delicious recipe.V loved a lot.

  47. Gosh they look so tempting....

  48. Hey! I love to eat these at our local pujo stalls!

  49. Thank you particularly for the photos! I am drooling now... I know just the place you mean on the corner of Park Street and almost want to cry thinking of it now! We are going to Kolk. in April and I can not wait. There is also this biryani place near Dum Dum that we went to and the rolls were beyond amazing. Thanks for your great blog - brings up some very good foodie memories!

  50. Thanks...u made my day! :)

  51. Just amazing....dint know it was so easy to make such nice egg rolls...used to think kolkata stalls ei paoa jay erokom swad :)

  52. Wow I love the food.
    I just love the food.

  53. A spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread. best kathi rolls in nj. Really Good Food. Plain and Simple.
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  54. I make this mostly with tortilla and you're right it doesn't turn out as good, but since I don't have an Indian store close at hand when I have a craving, I just make do with the imitation stuff! ;-) And oh, try sprinkling chaat masala over the roll and using Maggi Hot & Sweet sauce is a good way to substitute that green chilli sauce they also use in the rolls in Kolkata. BTW, are you from Brabourne? I am! And who can forget Jhantu's rolls?!

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. best kathi rolls in nj

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