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Eggless Date Cake -- goodness does not spell butter

Eggless Date Cake

I had resolved to be un-floured and unen-doughed for the first few days of my New year. But that did not happen. So I decided to push my New year to next week, Jan 9th to be precise. Till then I am living in the old decade.

This Date Cake is my friend's recipe. She is a very good cook and has been making this cake for a while now. I myself have had it several times baked by her and each time have been floored by it's taste. However, I never asked for the recipe.

You would think a foodie will instantly ask for a recipe when she eyes one. Not me.

I thought Date + Cake ? Too difficult. Plus she has those shiny Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers. Anything can be done with those. I don't have a shiny Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Don't even plan to buy one. So I cannot bake Date Cake.

Then she baked it for one of our parties during the holidays. Everyone "oohed" and "aahed" and then asked for the recipe. Not me, mind you.

But then it was a small place, not a haveli(huge palace) or something and you could clearly overhear even if you did not wish to.Of course I could have excused myself and gone to the loo but that would be too much. So I overheard and it was so simple that I could not believe it. I thought she might have skipped one whole chapter what with the wine and all that noise. Just to be sure, I asked her the recipe again, over the phone on the evening of 1st Jan.

And guess what ? It was really T..H..A..T simple. Hallelujah, one more reason not to buy a shiny red Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

The cake called for no eggs, no butter and I did not have to even take out my hand mixer. What relief !
And it tasted best of all the eggless versions I have tried so far. In fact it tasted much better than my pound cake did.Moist, fluffy, studded with nuts, just right sweet, what more could you ask for in a cake ?

But then what makes it rise and become so soft and fluffy ? There has to be science and this did not fit the bill of my earlier explanations. Except for the baking soda, there was nothing to make air, air and more air.

It seems the baking soda does the trick. Baking soda is a “base.” It needs an “acid” ingredient in order to start the chemical reaction that makes it work, such as buttermilk, cocoa powder, chocolate, honey, lemon or orange juice, etc. I guess the dates have some acidic ingredient which reacts with the baking soda to create carbon dioxide and thus bubbles in the batter. With this theory I am thinking you could substitute dates with some other dried fruits and make an yummy cake too. If you notice this is the reason the raspberry cup cakes turned out very well too. Vinegar worked with baking soda in that recipe.Do not try to replace baking soda with baking powder as baking powder already has the acidic ingredient, so further reaction with an acid in the batter might ruin the cake like this.

So go and bake this eggless butterless date cake. It really is the best and I usually do not impose on unless it is the family or it is something that will change your life...

If you have started your newest year have a good one.


Eggless Date Cake

Pitted Dates ~ 18. She said I could use more, so I used 25.
Milk ~ 1 Cup

Soak dates in milk overnight. I did not have so much time so I soaked the dates in warm milk for 3 hours and then nuked it for a minute.

Preheat oven to 350F

In a blender add
dates + milk
3/4 cup Sugar
Since I had more dates, I reduced the sugar a wee bit.
Make a smooth mix.

1 Cup of AP Flour
1 tsp of baking Soda
*AP = All Purpose. Can be substituted with Maida

Measure out
1/2 cup of Oil

In a wide mouthed bowl add the
date+milk+sugar mix from the blender
1/2 Cup of oil
Add the flour mix gradually, mixing as you go.
Add 1 tbsp of chopped cashews or walnuts.

Mix gently to make a smooth batter. My friend suggested the hand mixer but I just mixed with a spatula.

Now grease a bundt pan. Pour the batter in this pan and bake till a toothpick comes out clean. Mine was done in 32-35 minutes, but I had a silicone pan. You can also use a regular 8" cake pan instead of a bundt pan. Baking time may vary.

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as my friend does.

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  1. like the title of this post,..cake looks delicious,..;-)

  2. thats a gr8 write up and a beautiful cake there!

  3. wowww looks super yumm.. the eggless factor is attractive too :)

  4. Yes this is the best eggless cake ever, I have this recipe on my blog too. May be your friend got it from the same book that my aunt got it from.

    Your date cake looks beautiful.

  5. Shilpa

    I had seen your date cook too but never read thru the recipe because I wasn't sure of the taste :). I was weary of cakes without eggs and butter. But now I am a convert. It really is better than anything.
    For all you know my friend must have got it from someone/somewhere which ultimately leads to your blog !!!

    Maybe, I will update the post with link to yours

  6. Oh and Shilpa, I read your recipe again and you say to serve with vanilla ice cream. Well my friend almost always serves this with vanilla ice cream. So then I guess your blog must have been the original source though my friend does not read blogs.

  7. Wish You a Very Happy New Year (probably in advance for u, hehe...)
    I went with butter less choco cake but not eggless ... This one sounds perfect in all way to start an Healthy Year!

  8. Eggless and looks so soft and fluffy, luv ur version

  9. I discovered the joy of baking eggless cakes a while back ... and the usage of soda recently. Have never gone wrong. Absolutely love the look of this cake Sandeepa ... gotta make this sooon ... real soon. Love that snap ... kagoj, pen, cup ar cake. :-)

  10. i tried looking for baking soda in grocery stores here, but they always give me baking power :( is it also called khaane ka soda? the one that's used to soften chana and stuff?

  11. this is awesome, bookmarked!

  12. Love the color of this date cake. Perfect texture and eggless too.

  13. So spongy and healthy cake,looks attractive..

  14. What tires me about baking is the sifting, the creaming and the mixing - yeah, that's practically everything - so I'm looking for cakes that don't have these steps. Not having to cream butter and sugar is a big plus, for a start. I'm yet to find a food processor recipe that will mix the entire thing in one go!

    Now I have to check whether I have baking soda and whether it is baking soda or something else, if I do find it ...

  15. Can't be simpler than that. Got to try. Looks so good too. You can't be modest anymore, you are becoming quite the baker.

    Happy New Year! again Sandeepa.

  16. Cham

    I saw your cake in the reader. Going over now.


    It really is good.


    But all my prev eggless versions were not this fluffy, less soda in those or something. Will try more now.


    I think that one is baking soda. Check with someone who has bought it.




    It is really good, if I say so myself.


    Thanks :)

  17. Cake is very tempting... I baked eggless cake couple of times and it was a flop show... Since then never bothered to bake one again. This, I will certainly try...

  18. Sra

    Secret, secret. I did not sift. I wrote that 'coz it sounds fancy. I just dump flour, baking soda in a bowl and mix with a dry spoon.
    No creaming here either which I don't like much.
    This is almost put everything in a bowl and mix kind of cake.


    Naah, no where near.

  19. Shilpa/Bong Mom,

    That's exactly what I thought of. I had tried Shil's recipe a long time back and when I saw this post - I was like 'great minds think alike' -- ;)

    It tastes great on its own too (w/o the vanilla ice cream).

  20. Love the cake and your cups even better.

  21. Hi Sandeepa,

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Eggless cake sounds delicious.

    Will have to try sometime.

  22. this is a lovely recipe !! bookmarked !! have a great 2011

  23. Haha...read your secret comment to Sra... and I can join you both at the non-creaming, lazy-to-sift dept.! :) Shh, secret, don;t tell anyone! I have made butter-less cakes that use oil instead and they are light and taste great.

  24. Aha! But you know, I'm sure you do, given your air, air, air research in a previous post - that sifting aerates the flour. But really, what's to say we shouldn't feel lazy about that? Anyway, since yesterday I've been craving a piece of this cake and may make it tonight

  25. Hi Sandeepa,

    I m on the verge of writing a food blog soon and while looking at some blogs I came across your blog...and guess wat, m floored...love the way u write and the trivias....and not to mention your recipes rock...
    u r truly an inspiration...

  26. Sandeepa ei recipe ta holo shonar pathorbati. akjoner blog theke ami korechilam and we loved it...guilt free ar ki chai bolo? rangta khub bhalo hoeche.

  27. eggless cakes.. i always shy away from them..maybe u cud send me one to taste.:)) i am not so far..wishing u a glorious year ahead.

  28. Hi Sandeepa,
    Read your latest article....
    You have a wonderful talent for writing(both the story part and the recipe part)..
    I personally feel that being happy is an absolute necessity for being a good mother!!!!and you say that blogging makes you happy...

    Happy New Year,,...

  29. Sandeepa if possible check this link. if am not wrong the blogger is using your picture.

  30. It is so delicious..thanks for the explanation abt baking soda and fluffy cake..good to know.

  31. Wow! Baked the cake today and must admit this is one of the most yummy cakes I have baked and tasted in the recent years. Thanks for the recipe.
    Read the latest post of yours on Blog block. Am able to connect easily with it. Hope you get the answers to all your queries and strike a balance between your passion and family and come back soon. Best wishes, take care.

  32. Sandeepa, just wanted to let you know that i am one of those who have read and enjoyed your posts immensely without ever having posted a comment! When i saw your last post,I realised that the least i could do is thank you! So while fully respecting your decision, here is very selfishly hoping that you change your mind very soon!

  33. Will definetely miss your writing, recipes, pictures. Respect your wishes but hope you will miss us and be back soon!!!!

  34. Will definetely miss your writing, recipes, pictures. Respect your wishes but hope you will miss us and be back soon!!!!

  35. The cake is in the oven right now and has 10 min left to the 30 min mark however it shows NO signs of turning a nice dark color like your picture- I didnt see any cocoa in your recipe so what am I missing?!?!

  36. I slowed down last year - I totally can relate few things with you blogging and kids. Spending time with family is a HIGH priority. I do respect ur resolution, but once in a while u can run a post.
    I am going to miss all ur lovely write-up :)
    Have fun and again Resolution is meant to break up :)

  37. CAke looks nice and moist with all those healthy dates in there!

  38. Hi soft looking cake liked it for it's egg free recipe.. I tried your olkopir dalna it came out well and we enjoyedt it thank u so much for the recipe i book marked som more recipes from u will try them also and let you know thanks once again for this flavour full dalna..
    check it out heare if you can...




  40. I came across your blog in search of a date cake. yours looks great, although I have the tendency to add eggs in almost everything... nice photos

  41. I had a date cake many years ago and since then I always wanted to have make one.....thanks for the recipe :)

  42. shei shokal theke khule rekhechi, ei ekhon likhte boshlam. Never made a date cake. and this sounds really good, simple and easy.

    Tomar post pore ami bhabte boshchi, if I am into blog addiction or not :-) aajkal blog hop kora bondho kore diyechi. but I have to keep on blogging, not becoz it is addiction, but it has become a space for my creative release. for those who ask u, what u are gaining from blogging, would they ask the same question to an artist or author? I doubt it. It it makes u feel good, keep going,and yes by not neglecting the family & other priorities. I have lost readers, as i do not visit anymore. Not becoz I do not want to, but I simply do not get time.:-(

  43. This looks really good - I can't wait to try :) - however, what is "AP" flour? Is this regular maida flour?

  44. Hi.....Please visit my blog an award is waiting for you ..... :)

  45. I tried the cake - it was lovely!

    And missing your updates ... though life outside of the virtual world comes first!


  46. Sandeepa, The reason i read your blog is not so much about the recipes (although they are wonderful), but more
    for the memories it brings back. I almost feel like i am back at my Dida's place, getting together with
    my maternal cousins, and whiling away time playing "shop shop" or "doctor doctor", while
    enjoying leisurely, multicourse meals of bhaja, shaag, dal, macher jhol and chatney. My mom still recollects how mangsho, palong shaag and bhaat was the staple sunday lunch. The feeling of nostalgia is both
    pleasant and kind of sad - because it sometimes feels like that way of life has given way to
    something that is so much more hurried and forced sometimes :) - but i really appreciate your effort to keep
    the traditions going while maintaining a busy life with a career and kids!

  47. Wow, that looked yummmm, and more than that, I loooooooooved your style of writing. Will be back for more :-)

  48. I baked this one today and my daughter who has aversion towards dark looking cakes ate 4 pieces. Thanks for sharing.

    - Madhavi.

  49. Hi,
    I tried your Eggless Date Cake, it turned out beautiful, thanks for sharing correct measurements. Definetely looking forward for more such healthy cakes... :-)
    - Arathi

  50. It was really nice to study your post. I collect some good points here. I would like to be appreciative you with the hard work you have made in skill this is great article.

  51. hey i tried ur date cake and u know it turned out so well.....it got finished within half and hour....i have read ur blog and ur recipe kinda interests me coz they are closer to my taste and i luv the simple way of cooking as u do....keep posting .....Aradhana

  52. Hello, first time here, came via Nupur's One hot stove. I am actually 'floured' by your blog and especially this cake. I have beem a foodie all my life, turned blogger recently and had to give it a try. Just had a bite of the cake I baked, it is super moist, fluffy and I love it, it is a keeper. Thank you and to your friend who generously shared the recipe, I will be back on your blog.

  53. I liked this recipe and so I tried this cake, got it good this time. my first cake which i tried a month ago was a disaster .. lol

  54. Hi Bongmom, I tried this cake with wholewheat flour (atta) yesterday and I'm obsessed! I brought 2 small(ish) pieces to work today, and couldn't rest until I finished the last crumb, a few minutes back. Thanks for posting this! I remember seeing this recipe a few year back, but I've got to say, it was your description that goaded me to try it!

  55. Baked the cake today, my first time for an eggless cake so was very apprehensive and must say that it was excellent and relatively simple as well.Thank you so much.


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