Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cajun Spiced Shrimp -- very forgiving

I won't see you guys until next week.

Well, maybe I will. But I will try not to be too much on the internet.

I might suffocate without it so I will Google. At the least. I might also be on FB. Or Twitter. They are not internet right ?

Only the other day we were discussing how back in '96 we had internet access only on two computers at work and where I first created my Hotmail account.

Unlimited internet at home in the US around late '99 felt like Nirvana. But that was still Dial-up. "Krrrrkakingkaing..piiin..." Remember ? Now there is website for you to relive that sound.

When did all that change and I morphed into someone who can no longer think independently and yet needs to share her thoughts all the time. I have this obsessive need to check out everything on Google. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

But not this Cajun Shrimp. Well I might have at some point in the last few years because I don't think I could have learned the word "Cajun" without Google. This is very similar to a chingri bhaja only spiced with cajun spices and lemon zest. It is very forgiving and you cannot go wrong with it ever.

Here is how you do it. 1.2.3

1. Defrost shrimp if frozen

2. Toss shrimp in olive oil, garlic powder, cajun spice powder, salt and lemon zest

3. Pop it in the oven at 325F for about 10 mins or until you see shrimp is curling up and ready.

Squeeze some lime juice and enjoy.

Until then a Happy 4th of July for all who is celebrating. Happy Everyday for everyone else.

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  1. Oma ki easy! Tomar eyi maach bake kora ta besh bhalo lage. Long weekend khub enjoy koro. :-)

  2. I too am super obsessed with googling everything...infact i mentally keep typing things in google search box if m not near my mbl or comp ( namely ''internet" )...n yesterday night i finished reading your will start reading chitrita banerjee's seasons n festivals that u suggested on anita's blog (in the comments section- u replied to my comment). Have a happy wknd. - Yamini

  3. super tempting prawns, looks simply inviting.

  4. is cajun sauce available in India?? how was your weekend? wanted to thank you for the recipe of bhapa ilish in your book. simply durdanto... the yougurt added such a silky texture to the bhapa...even the dim kosha was great

  5. Made Cajun spice at home and made it for dinner.... Loved it, all polished off!

  6. I Want To Taste It!!
    Can You Parcel Some For Me ;p
    Really Looking as Mouth watering & I think Specially Coocked For Monsoon.

  7. Another great shrimp dish from bong mom... I have one of your earlier versions of shrimp in regular rotation :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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