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Posto Bhape or Bhapa Posto in Microwave

This post is about Posto Bhape but first we will not talk about Posto Bhape. Instead we will talk about Little Sis. If you can think of nothing but Posto then scroll down the page.

This is something way back from February and I have been meaning to write it down here but I always forget

Little Sis telling me about her Valentine's day project in school, " Mommy in our art class today, we made love."

Since a lot of this conversation happens in the car, my hands on the wheel wavered.

Big Sis gave her a look and said "LS, how can you make love in art class?"

My hands wavered again.

LS with an air of non-nonchalance " Oh very easy. You cut out L, O, V and E from pink neon paper and then spread glitter over it. Done"


Little Sis's class was learning about deserts in school.

The Big Sis, trying to act smart because she is ten after all asked "Which Dessert ? The one you eat?"

LS went into deep thought and then said, " Yes, you can eat there if you want. Deserts have some kind of cactus which we can eat"

I choked on my laughter as LS has a temper and gets very angry if I laugh at anything she says. She is very confused with "laughing at someone" and "laughing with someone". So if any natural action on her part ellicits laughter on our part, she doesn't like it. However when she makes goofy faces or a joke which I do not understand, I am supposed to break into peals of laughter or she gets mad again.


LS has a friend in class called S. I have met her only briefly but from what I gather S is a spunky little girl. So LS comes home from school and calls me at work, to talk about S.

"Mommy, S is K and R's boss", she said with an air of finality, K and R being two spunky boys in her class.

"Okay, but why ?", I asked

"Because they are in the same bus and also in the same class, she is their boss. And they have to do anything that she asks them to. HAVE TO."

I was very impressed by this logic and also by the said S who has concocted this rule.

So this little girl S apparently being the boss of K and R, did something which irked K and R and they wanted to complain to the teacher. S however forbade them to do so and this is what Little Sis explained to me, "If K and R complain to the teacher, then the teacher might tell her parents and S's Mommy and Daddy will think S is not a good girl. But S wants them and everyone else to think that she is a good girl so K and R should not complain about her."

I was as amused by LS's logic as by S's antics.Go Bossy.


LS knows the right moments to call me and get her things done. Every day around 2:30 in the afternoon, she calls and asks if she can have a cookie or a pack of fruit snacks. Now usually these are not part of her everyday snacks and so I ask her to have yogurt or some fruits instead. But she knows that I don't haggle much over the phone and she tries her best with pathetic calls every few minutes.

Now to explain "Persuasive Writing" to BigSis, I was giving her LS's example and how she uses "pathos" to persuade me. BS thought for a minute and then said, "Not only "pathos" she also uses "threatos" a lot. She always threatens to cry if things are not her way."


Now to this Bhapa posto which is my friend J's recipe. Among all the different dishes made with Posto, the very basic is Kaancha Posto bata or raw poppy seed paste where the wet poppy seed paste is mixed with raw onion, green chilli, salt and mustard oil and then had cold with rice. It is a solution to many of our Friday night dinners. When J, who is an amazingly good cook suggested this one more step which would take all of 3-4 minutes beyond the raw and whip up posto in a new avtaar, we had to try it. And of course we have been hooked since and also buying a packet of posto every other week.

This Bhapa Posto (Steamed or baked Posto) was traditionally steamed in a small steam bowl along with the rice or later in a steel tiffin box placed inside the pressure cooker. Cooking it in the microwave is the most modern you can get. And yet the taste is the same. Clean, fresh, pure and of course delicious.

More Posto Fun
Postor Bora -- Poppy seed fritters
Jhinge Chingri Posto
Aloo Posto

Soak about 1/2 cup of posto/poppy seeds in 1/4th cup of water for 15-20 minutes

Then make a smooth wet paste of the seeds -- posto bata-- in your wet grinder. I use my magic bullet for this purpose. While making the paste add splashes of water, only as little as necessary to aid in grinding.

Alternately, you can also dry grind the posto in a dry spice grinder or coffee grinder. Mix the dry ground posto with water to make a thick wet paste.

Take the wet poppy seed paste in a bowl.

To it add
finely chopped onion(half of a medium)
finely chopped tomatoes(a smal one or half of medium)
4 green chillies finely chopped
1 tbsp mustard oil
salt to taste

Mix and then put in the microwave. Cook in MW for 2 minutes. Mix and then cook for 2-3 more minutes until the posto turns a little brown in color. If your MW is a lower power than mine you might have have to cook for few more minutes

Add more Mustard Oil. VERY VERRY IMPORTANT.

Eat it with hot steaming rice


  1. Ei prothom recipe er age blog porlam, are sudhu porlam na- bar bar porlam are eka eka khub jore jore hashlam!! And i must say LS Rocks!My husband is a big posto fan, going to make it for satday lunch :) Thank you!

  2. Thank u soo much for allowing me this LOLz or ROFLz to start my day in office.... I should not miss to thank both LS (and BS too) - I make it a point I am not laughing 'at' any of u. Knacha posto is an unavoidable part of our friday dinners and that's the reason I wanted to read this early in the morning - exactly for the reason u spoke about. Going to give it a try. Thanks again :)

    1. Seriously posto'r bikolpo nei

    2. Hi, in your post about steaming the poshto in MW you mentioned adjusting the the cook time based on the power of the MW, but you never mentioned the wattage of your MW. That would help... this is something I have seen never mentioned by any one posting a recipe for cooking by nuking... That you mentioned it made me so happy...

  3. Aww cutiepies! Can't stop smiling!!! You should tell LS you shared some of her jokes with us and we laughed loudly :)

    Kids and their negotiation skills surely is something to learn from. My sis was majorly talented that ways, she would do all her bandramos everytime there were guests at home when Ma could not scold/ spank her right away. Normally she was scared of our Dadu (Baba's baba) and didn't hover much near him. But anytime Ma or Baba were chasing her to give a good kanmola or something she would run to Dadu and say amay kole niye nao; cos nobody could do anything if she was with Dadu!

    Posto looks soo inviting, banate hobe shiggiri! :)

  4. Thanks for the morning laugh! Kids are the best comedians.

  5. The kids' stories made me laugh and laugh.
    The VERY VERRY IMPORTANT reminded me of school days, when such emphasis by the teacher on any topic greatly increased the chances of it appearing in the exam!

    Thanks for the posto recipe. Will try it soon.

    1. I should also underlined it in red probably ;-)

  6. So cute the both are! I threatos to kidnap them soon :)

    1. Trust me, you will return them with pathos

  7. With your kind of entertainment, who needs a stand-up show? :)) Had such a laugh reading this. Shotti - 'laughing at someone' aar 'laughing with some' - khub confusing :) LS is such a sharp little button!

    1. Yes, laughing at anything she says is a grave offense :-(

  8. Aaj banalam ,bor khush shashri ma super khush :-)

  9. Super !!.nothing can beat these stories...
    and nothing can beat posto in any form, shape or taste.............

  10. Posto and kids..what more to yearn for - Bong Mom!!

    1. :-) Shottiy je posto bata khai ni se je ki miss koreche

  11. My favorite is LOVE story. So cute :) posto bata banate hobe ekhon.

  12. Hilarious! Tomaar dui chhanai! Kisses to them!
    Kaal posto bhapa banabo bhaabchhi...!! Apatoto porey jibhey jol!!

  13. I made this today .....delish !!! and so easy to make.....sigh ....if only all the meals were this quick and tasty.......

  14. Ata diye puro bhat kheye phelte pari.a swader bhag hobena

  15. Ata diye puro bhat kheye phelte pari.a swader bhag hobena


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